City picks up the gauntlet

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Six months ago we challenged the city of Williston to take a little pride in its own properties before mandating its residents do the same.

Over 60 years of weather and neglect marred the faces of two prominent city properties – city hall and its annex.

Chipped, flaking paint; mildewed facades and the absence of landscaping created eyesores in our midst.

Those of us who live here saw the deterioration day in and day out. We saw it so often, we soon became complacent about it and in time, immune to it.

A few months ago, something changed. The two huge trees that adorn the city hall landscape were trimmed. Signs were placed beneath them to tell passers-by, "We're supposed to look like this."

And it continued.

City hall was pressure washed and while the building was cleaner, it also became more abused with peeling, chipping paint.

The city hall annex, located on Southwest 1st Avenue, was also washed, its gutters cleaned, the trees trimmed.

And then last week it happened.

City hall has a new coat.

Early last week painting began and in no time, what was an eyesore in the center of town, became better, cleaner and shows that Williston took heed and started to show pride in itself.

While the city continues to pursue the construction of a new city hall, it's unsure of when it may be.

The paint job, cleaning and landscaping is a Band-Aid® on a serious problem but at least it will staunch the blood flow until a permanent cure is found.

Sometimes an adhesive bandage is all one can do until time and resources present themselves.

We tip our hats to the officials and staff at city hall who opted to lead our residents by example.

Now it's our turn to get back to the beautification efforts.

What will you do to make Williston better?