Celebration was inspiring

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To the editor:
I went to the Williston Veterans Day Celebration at the Heritage Park Pavilion Thursday evening.  I just have to share with those who weren’t able to go. It was awe inspiring!
There were many veterans from all branches of the service and one currently serving, waiting on his orders to go over there again.
The Williston High School Band played superbly the National Anthem and many other songs. They are awe-
some! The Williston ROTC were there doing a perfect precision of presentation of colors and raising the American Flag. There were several Girl Scout groups and young singers.
Billy Pogue sang a beautiful patriotic song that brought tears to your eyes and heart.
Mr. Larry Cretul, Speaker of the House of Representatives and also a veteran, spoke honoring the vet-
erans and military men of today.
Mr. Dogan Cobb, who will be 100 years old the end of the month,  was honored for his many years of service to the community. He is also a veteran. He is still going strong!
There is too much for me to tell. I just want to say I am so proud of all the young people who participated.
I hope you will go next year and experience the joy and sense of patriotism of being an American and being free to express it.
God Bless our Veterans!
God Bless America!
Betty Fender