Car chase lands man in jail

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By The Staff

Unhappy motorist Ho Jun Kim took police officers on two dangerous chases in as many weeks. The 43-year-old Naples resident resisted arrest and fled from law enforcement in two incidents involving four counties, according to a press release issued by the Williston Police Department.

Kim was arrested June 8 by Williston Police Officers when he ran a red light, narrowly missing a police cruiser who had the right of way.

Williston PFC James Tegart turned and stopped Kim’s 2004 Volvo on Alternate 27. Kim initially stopped and then accelerated away taking Tegart and other officers on a high speed chase. He tried to ram one cruiser in the process of his flight.

Eventually Kim stopped and ran from his car and was captured by Lt. Matt Fortney. Tegart arrested and charged Kim with several felonies including battery and aggravated assault on Law enforcement officers for his violent actions with a motor vehicle.

Kim was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana. Kim was initially transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released. He became combative with hospital personnel and kicked a police officer who was nearby. After release, Kim was transported to Levy County Jail.

The following morning, Levy Corrections Officers came to Kim’s cell to escort him to a first appearance hearing. Kim again became combative with jail officers, requiring the application of a Taser to bring him under control. Kim could not appear before the judge at first appearance due to his behavior and bond was assessed at $106,000. Kim made bond and was released.

According to a Crestview Florida press release, Kim attempted to take a young woman’s car in their city on June 14.

He showed her a closed Swiss Army knife, tried to take her keys and told her the police were after him. He was unable to take her keys, fled the car and left his day planner behind.

A BOLO went out to surrounding agencies and Walton County Deputies came across a maroon Volvo matching the description. The Volvo fled across Walton County and was stopped by force in Washington County after he crashed into a Washington County Sheriffs vehicle. When arrested, Kim became combative, a Taser was used and he was taken into custody.

Washington County courts have assessed Kim’s bond at $100,000 but at least two other counties have requested that they hold Kim to answer to their charges.