Blasting Lime Rock Mine 4 Miles South Of Town

Citizens of Williston:

Ever notice the ground rumble from time to time?

What that is is blasting on the west side of the county at mines (lime rock saturated with water is a good conductor of vibrations).

Imagine if that blasting were going on only four miles away.  What would you feel and hear then?

Well unless you stand up with the residents of the East Levy Street area only 4 miles south on LCR 323 and LCR322 you will find out!

Please take a very short ride:

On Noble Ave./ US27 at the tracks on the east side of Williston go South on LCR 323 a crossed 316 and continue past the Church on the left until you come to the Nice Horse Farm on the left.

Continue a bit further to the top of the tallest hill you see ahead (about a quarter mile before the Tee Intersection with LCR322/East Levy St.).

Now look to the West a crossed the 98 acres of beautiful pasture with roping arena and ask yourself this question:

Is this the right place for a Lime Rock Mine, Blasting, and 24/7/365 Pulverizing Operation?

The lime rock mine that was proposed a while back (they were testing the water then since they did not have all their permits prior to wasting the counties money and time doing all the work for the planning and zoning hearing) is back on the table.  This time with another big money backer in the business from around Tampa and the County Commission just siding with Tarmac Road King Mine in the western part of the county, they feel the time is now to try this again in Full Assault Mode!

The last time this battle was fought we had no support from the Williston City Council and almost no support from the People of Williston.

But if this comes to pass then everyone, for miles around, will be affected for the sake of a few people getting rich, a few new low paying and low or no benefited jobs added to the area.

This mine will affect everyone’s:

Already low property values,

Ground water quality and quantity, and

Our Quality of Life for years to come!