All-In Removal keeps waste from landfills

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It may not smell like roses, but for one Williston company manure is serious business.

All-In Removal provides dumpsters to farms to fill with manure, said Don Emrick, president and CEO of the company. The company also picks up for those who collect their livestock manure in a pile on their farm. After pickup, the manure is hauled to other outlets that recycle it.

All-In provides fresh shavings for the animals' bedding, as well. It's a "two birds with one stone" operation as the manure is hauled out in the same truck the shavings are hauled in with. They're doing two jobs at once, one truck, one trip, Emrick said.

“It makes it more affordable for people to do the right thing,” Emrick said.

“None of it goes to landfills. It all gets recycled and reused,” he said of the waste. There are many ways it can be reused, some including getting composted, bagged and sold, including sold in bulk.

None of the manure stays in Marion County, where the company's transfer station is located, either, Emrick said. There's a big problem in that county with horse manure and getting rid of it.

Doing shavings with the manure is cost effective and allows people to bundle and save money for their farms, Emrick said. They used to just do manure, but they were looking for ways to save the customer money.

Emrick and his wife bought the company from her grandfather in 2006. They started with only 12 dumpsters for a company that now has 400. They grew and ran the company until 2012 when they sold to a competitor. At the time of the sale, they had 200 dumpsters collectively and have grown substantially since.

They service about 500 farms at least, Emrick said, and he still expects the company to keep growing.

“When it was ours, we never dreamed it could be this big... I still feel like it's mine. I run it like it's mine,” he said.

All-In Removal also does construction and debris dumpsters. "Although the construction division is not as large as the manure and shavings division, we still provide a high level of service for those customers. Having the construction dumpsters is a great compliment to the manure and shavings delivery," Emrick said.

With the manure removal and shavings delivery, their equipment stays busy all the time. It's a six day a week operation year around, Emrick said.