A huge thank you and two apologies

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To the editor:
This letter is in response to my recent column in the Pioneer.  Afterward, Steve Holcomb pointed out to me that his “vague motion for picnic tables” was not a motion about picnic tables; but was instead a motion about pavilions.  My statement was a reference to a motion of Mr. Holcomb’s at a recent city council meeting.  Mr. Holcomb also pointed out that he knew I was not at that meeting.  Mr. Holcomb, I apologize for misstating the topic of your motion.  
I also owe Debra Jones an apology.  Apparently, I offended her with my column in the fact that I was expressing my opinion without having attended any recent council meetings.  Mrs. Jones, I apologize for any offense.  Most importantly, my column was not meant as a personal attack on any individuals of the council or Marcus Collins.  I have no personal ill will toward any of the individuals, however strongly I may disagree with any of them.  Having made these statements, the sentiment of my column remains unchanged.  
In as much as I particularly hated to miss last week’s debate due to illness, I do not feel that we, as residents, must attend all council meetings to have a good understanding of what direction our city has taken.  A friend of mine once cautioned me to not lose sight of the forest for the trees.  I would suggest that paying close attention to the current state of the city from outside of the council chambers has allowed me (and most residents) a perspective that may have been lost inside those chambers.
  I want to now take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the many people who have made it a point to comment about my column.  I mentioned in it that I have come to feel that many people share my concern for our city.  I have heard “Thank you” or “Good Job” countless times in person, through voicemails, in texts and through an online social network.  I feel that all of the comments have validated my thoughts and opinions.  I cannot return the gratitude that you have shown me, but I will try.  Again, I say:  Thank you!  
Whether or not you agree with me, we all have the opportunity to state our opinion on March 1.
Jason S. Cason