Today's Opinions

  • What do you tell others about your home?


    For someone who doesn't like to drive, I sure do a lot of it.

    That certainly is never my intent, but it's the way it goes – often.

  • Trashy Williston talk


    Five days a week, every week, I set an alarm. At least three of those days, I awaken before it sounds.

    Saturdays are reserved for "no alarm" and are something I treasure. I tell the hubby Friday night, "I get to sleep in tomorrow."

  • Who can find a virtuous woman?


    I'm a realist. I always have been. I see things for what they are, not for what they could be or should be.

  • Letter to the editor


    To the editor: 

  • Letter to the editor


    To the editor: 

    I am always hearing about how much everyone loves  the  city of Williston. Our city needs your help! 

  • Letter to the editor

     To the editor:

    I don’t think it's fair to have the winner of cake/pie contest at the Levy County Fair to be someone who bakes for a living in Bronson. And not tell the people running the contest.

    L. Myers

  • Are you proud of your city?

    Trash. It's everywhere. From once pristine waters and forested lands to rural roads and city streets, it blights what once were beautiful places.
    This past weekend, as I made my way back from grandbaby-time in North Georgia, I spied bright yellow objects from miles away along a narrow stretch of road in Putnam County.
    As I got closer, I realized what I had seen were 32-gallon trash bags. Since they weren't there when I went up Friday, I surmised there had been a cleanup Saturday and thought, "How nice this community has come together to take care of where they live."

  • Neti pot? I must decline, thank you

    Did your mother ever tell you to put nothing in your ear smaller than your elbow? Mine did. Of course it didn't make much sense as a child because obviously an elbow is a pretty big thing to try to get into the tiny ear canal. But as I aged, I got it. Keep objects out of your ear. Period.

    The same goes for your nose. Who doesn't have a story to tell about someone they know (maybe even yourself) who wedged a crayon, or if you were my late Aunt Irene, a bean, up in a nostril?