Today's Opinions

  • Finally a clean election


    or several years I have started off the "silly season", better known as campaign season with a fervent wish that things would be clean and without some of the negativism that has plagued other campaign seasons. 

  • Grocery store employee's honesty is impressive

    To the editor :

    I would like to give a young man public thanks.

    When I left the Williston Winn Dixie Wednesday, I left my wallet and smartphone in the cart. By the time I realized it and got back, the cart was there, but no stuff in it. 

    I saw a Winn Dixie employee in the lot and told him what I had done. He said “They are in customer service.”

     I asked “Someone turned them in?” 

  • Local coverage is ample

     To the editor:

    I’d like to thank the Williston Pioneer for providing such a wealth of information about local candidates to help voters make their decisions in the upcoming election.  

    This service is particularly valuable in the aftermath of  last year’s Florida Supreme Court ruling, which found legislative Republicans guilty of violating the state constitution when they illegally  manipulated this district to rig elections in their favor.  

  • Superintendent is appreciative

     To the editor: 

    Aug. 10 was a wonderful start to another great school year in Levy County. The sun was shining, students were excited and teachers were prepared to open the school house doors to 5,500 students.

  • Here I go again

     I miss spending lazy Fridays chatting with Winnelle Horne on the porch of the Levy County Quilt Museum. 

    She certainly tolerated my foolishness while educating me on Levy County culture. 

    One thing the late founder often said to me,”You're certainly opinionated.”

    “Um huh. You want me to leave now?”

  • Put up the cords, Dobby's here

     I've never owned a puppy before but in two short months, I've learned that puppies – like babies – should be had when you're young.

    Ever since Tom has been on the DL – about a year now – we've bandied about the idea of a dog that would be a companion for him while I am either at work, or visiting grandchildren.

  • School traffic concerns are real; action needed

    To the editor:

    As the class of WHS graduates heads off to new endeavors, let us consider the future graduates of our growing community. 

    Living in Williston since 1979, I have seen this sleepy rural town grow into a thoroughfare for traffic moving at a rapid clip through our town. 

    My current concern is the issue of CR316 from Alt27 to SR41. Our two newest schools are located on this crossroad. 

  • Category was missing

     To the editor: 

    Enjoyed reading the special section last week announcing the Readers’ Choice Awards. But there was one serious omission: No award for Best Newspaper.

    I’d like to nominate the Williston Pioneer.

    Perhaps nobody knows as well as I how hard Pioneer editor, Carolyn Ten Broeck, must work to get out the news every week. We should all appreciate what she does for the Williston community.