Today's Opinions

  • A reason, a season,

    The year was 2008. Tom had just moved to Florida, we were living in a duplex in Chiefland and the time was right to start looking for a house.

    We both worked in Chiefland but Harriett Downs’ ad on the back of the Williston Pioneer spoke to us one week when the right house at the right price said, “Call.”

    We did and agreed to meet the agent that Saturday.

  • Former assistant principal says ‘thanks’

    To the editor:
    An open letter to  WHS Students/Families and the Williston community:
    As I give thanks this holiday season for all of the many blessings in my life, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your wonderful support.  
    Over the past three and a half years, I have been blessed to call myself a WHS Red Devil and a member of the Williston community.
     Thank you for allowing me to not only be part of your child’s education, but for also being part of their life.  

  • Holiday Hope needs your help

    To the editor:
    Everyone is talking about no Toys for Tots in Levy County this year, but Holiday Hope is still here and has been for over 30 years.
    Holiday Hope, Inc.  is a  non-profit organization in the Williston area that is supported by Williston businesses and community members who either choose to shop for their designated child's gift request or donate money, so others can do the shopping.  

  • Filty rich and lovin' it

    By the time you read this, I will not be a millionaire. I did not win the Powerball–again.
    But then again, I never bought a ticket. This time or ever.
    I know. I know. You can’t win if you don’t play. It never occurs to me to buy a ticket–not even when the jackpot is half a billion dollars.
    What does occur to me is how I would spend that money. I daydream about it. Often.
    A few minutes ago while I was on break, I drifted off into that place where life is idyllic, I’m a size 10 and I am the Powerball winner.

  • Something to be thankful for

    To the editor:
    I am a mother who lost her job at Walmart after five years. I am on unemployment, working trying hard to make ends meet. I  already told my children that Christmas would have to wait. My son, who is 10,  teared up. He said, “Don’t worry, Mom. It’s not about the gifts.”
    Later that day I rounded up change to buy diapers for my daughter and my grandson. My son went  with me. I was short a dollar.

  • Thanks for successful Veterans Day festivities

     To the editor:

  • Walk for Life a success

    To the editor:
        Tri-County Pregnancy Center would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Walk for Life.
     A special thank you to our business sponsors, Perkins State Bank, Levy Animal Clinic, Williston General Dentistry, The Ivy House, Tri-County Oil Distributors, Williston Lion’s Club, Stephen Bird Insurance, Williston Farm Supply, Plumbing By Charlie and Frank and Mary Jean Bullock (Bullock Farms).

  • I didn't even know I had a bucket list

    Let’s face it. I’m not a spring chicken.
    I have three adult children, two of whom have solid careers while the other is finishing his senior year of college.
    I don’t have grandchildren, but I’m definitely old enough to have a passel. I could even have a couple who could be as old as 12. But remember, I don’t.
    I’m not fit and thin and my eyebrows spotted gray two years before I found my first one in my head this past January.
    Indeed, I am old.