• City workers get kudos

    To the editor:

          I want to publicly thank two of our city employees, Paul Lord and Kurt Heine.  While reading our gas meter, Paul thought he smelled gas and reported it.  A pin-hole leak was found on the city side and within two hours the pipe was replaced. 

     And even though we don’t like to see trees cut back, the tree trimmers, Michael Miller and Franklin Tyndal, also need to be recognized for the very dangerous work they do to keep limbs out of the power lines.

  • Wake up America, we have a sin problem

    To the editor:

    In the aftermath of the Friday night massacre in Aurora, Colo., one only needs to turn to the statements of Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate

    “We don’t have a crime problem or a gun problem, or even a violence problem. We have a sin problem.

    And since we ordered God out of our schools and communities, the military and public conversations, we really shouldn’t act so surprised when all hell breaks loose.”

  • Letters to the editor-July 19

    Signage is important

  • Letters to the editor July 12

    Principal grateful for support

  • Letters to the Editor

    Thank you, Williston

  • Letter to the Editor June 28

    To the editor:
    Levy County residents can directly affect their families, neighbors, schools, businesses, property and our pets safety when we vote for the critical  position of Sheriff.  
    The Sheriff should come with academic training w/certification and a record of field, administration and correction  experiences and build on Sheriff Smith’s legacy. The candidate who excels in  knowledge, training, experiences, and integrity is a proven leader and the  current Director of Law Enforcement for the LCSO.

  • Letter to the Editor June 28

    Williston needs a hospital

  • Letters to the editor June 21

     Speed limit too fast

    To the editor:

  • Letters to the Editor

    Willing to sweat

    To the editor:
    I loved your column. I also paint and would love to see some place where we could display our work and possibly sell some.
    We used to have a yearly art show at the Women’s Club. We need something. I would be willing to provide some sweat.
     Carolyn, you have much improved our paper and appreciate your love of the town.
    Joyce Hinkle

    The seed is planted

  • Letter to the editor

    To the editor:
    My name is Betty Smith Douglas and my late husband, Pete Smith, was the chief of police in Williston for five years and served as the chief deputy sheriff of Levy County for  27 years.
    The young men of our family have made their careers in law enforcement following in Pete’s shoes; in honor of him and to continue his work and love for the counties in which they have served.