• Where is the city pride

     To the editor:

    I’m sure the new mural on the pavilion will be nice, but there’s one thing that doesn’t match it...the condition of the city itself. 

  • Theater is asset to city

    To the editor:

    What a great asset you have in the fledgling Williston Community Theater. Having attended the first weekend of their third show I was quite pleased with the wonderful production - the kids especially did a great job.

    Besides the entertainment value the theater will be giving kids a place to show off their talents in the performing arts as well as learn about other opportunities for career choices out there in the big wide world.

    Go Williston!

    Ron Clark

  • Reader says vote yes on Amendment 2

    To the editor:

    I’m writing this letter to ask that everyone vote YES on Amendment 2.

    The negative ad campaigns make it sound like if you vote YES it will bring marijuana to our state.

    Well guess what…the business of selling marijuana is already here. It's alive and well and being sold by illegal drug dealers.

    Many of the people that are using it use it so that they don’t have to take the highly addictive pain killers that have killed many many people.

  • Thanks for caring

    To the editor:

    I want to extend a sincere thank you from myself and my family to all of you for your prayers, flowers, cards, and expressions of concern during my recent hospital stay.

    By the grace of God, I am at home and becoming stronger each day. Your good wishes remind me daily of the power of prayer and the value of loving and supportive family and friends.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor,

    Reading the article about the JROTC lacking funding just gets me pretty annoyed.

    I believe the JROTC is a great program in teaching the young adults leadership and trying to mold them into responsible adults.

    My son attended the JROTC and enrolled in the military after graduation, along with many high school friends.

    And for that we are very grateful to the JROTC. There is a great need for this program to offer the young generation a chance to get an education and have a career to shape their lives.

  • County road department unresponsive to needs


    To the editor:

    Here is another resident complaint about the Levy County Road Department. 

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    As the Chief of Police for Williston, I join the Florida Police Chiefs Association in its strong opposition to the currently proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize or decriminalize the sale, possession or use of marijuana.

  • End of year schedules need to be coordinated

    To the editor:

    As the end of the school year winds down I would like to address a problem that probably affects quite a few families.

    I know it is probably too late to change things this year, but hopefully it will cause changes in subsequent years.

    As EOC's, finals, awards, graduations and banquets dates are being set, I am imploring the elementary, middle and high schools to come together and come up with a schedule where each school has its own date or dates set for the celebrations of their students.

  • Thanks for the food

    To the editor:

  • Celebration of Life successful


    To the editor:

    Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, an all volunteer charity organization, held its 5th annual Celebration of Life in conjunction with the ASPCA’s Help A Horse Day on April 26. More than 25 volunteers and 100 guests attended the educational fundraising event.