• Williston lost a treasure

    To the editor:
    A recent passing in our community occurred without even a nod of acknowledgment.
    On Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010, “Ms. Rebecca” of Pesso’s Hardware lost a year-long battle against cancer.
    She ran Pesso’s Hardware for many years. She was well known by the community. She shared her extensive knowledge of farming, animal, plant and garden care with her customers. Many cared about her and stopped into the store to visit as much as to purchase and ask questions.

  • Monkey business

    To the editor:
       In response to the article about the monkey sighting, I too, have had the privelege of encountering the visiting monkey on four occasions.  
      I felt so excited and honored to have happened upon such a lovely creature in our pasture. The monkey sat on the fence and gazed at me.
     I wished him well and a safe journey in his adventures around the neighboring farms.

  • Permits are for safety

    To the editor:
    I was surprised to read that Dr. Marvin Dunn plans to go ahead with his Rosewood event even though the Levy County Commissioners denied his petition for a special event’s permit.
     Many events are held in Levy County each year and the sponsors of those events have no difficulty applying for and providing the county with all required information to insure  [sic] a safe environment for all involved.  
    Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

  • Tarmac not worth it

    To the editor:
    The Tarmac Mine “Approximately elevation 6-7 feet on Gulf side and 16-17   feet on east end” sits within the hurricane–surge reach and evacuation   zone of a category 2 and higher storm.  Fifty-Two major hurricanes or storms   have directly impacted upon Levy County, an average of 3.21 storms per year   from 1842 through 2009.

  • True spirit of Christmas

    To the editor:
    For almost seven years in a row to date, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has opened their building and hearts to provide a safe haven for Santa’s helpers.
    This is through the 501c Not-For-Profit national organization of Holiday Hope Inc. founded and based here in Williston.

  • Were you the good Samaritans?

    To the editor:
    The very most important issue I need to discuss is the   actions taken by the good Samaritans, sheriff’s office, Williston and the Morriston fire departments.
    On Wednesday, Nov.10, while alone, my  garage burned to the ground. Without the help of the good Samaritans who stopped, even as I was calling 911, I would never have held up during the  burning.

  • Be safe during the holiday season

    To the editor:
    The recent tragic fire in Citra Marion County has left our community saddened and questioning. How could this happen? We often hear of fires on television or in the newspaper, but we never imagine that one will hit so close to home.

  • Celebration was inspiring

    To the editor:
    I went to the Williston Veterans Day Celebration at the Heritage Park Pavilion Thursday evening.  I just have to share with those who weren’t able to go. It was awe inspiring!
    There were many veterans from all branches of the service and one currently serving, waiting on his orders to go over there again.
    The Williston High School Band played superbly the National Anthem and many other songs. They are awe-

  • Thank you, Lilly Rooks and Nancy Bell

     To the editor:
    The citizens of Levy County owe a huge debt of gratitude to both Ms. Lillie Rooks and Ms. Nancy Bell as they retire from service on our Levy County Commission.  Ms. Rooks and Ms. Bell have served with high distinction, honor, integrity and good faith for many years.

  • What’s wrong with our schools?

    To the editor:

    I am writing to relay a story to your readers that my brother told me the other day. 

    My nephew is not doing so well in his math class. He says that the teacher will write problems on the board and when someone asks the teacher to explain it, is told to refer to the book.