• Thank you, Williston


    To the editor:

    The Williston Post Office held their annual food drive on Saturday, May 9.

  • Appreciates local newspaper

    To the editor:
    Thank you so much for the continued, thorough coverage of Williston School of Dance.
    We had a fabulous show at the Florida Natural History museum and are grateful for the publicity you gave us. We actually got a new student in this week as a direct result of your article, so thank you again!
    The kids and teens adore seeing themselves in print on your pages. I love to pick up the paper on Thursdays and look for students past and present to see what the local youth are all up to. You are a wonderful community resource.
    Sarah Maze

  • Thank you for appreciating teachers


    To the editor: 

  • True heroes came forth


    To the editor:

  • Reducing testing will reduce students' stress


    To the editor,

    Sixty-six percent of students are stressing over testing. I  don’t think that there should be as much testing.

  • Memorization, not comprehension


    To the editor,

    I am writing in response to “School Board Asks State to Limit Testing”,  published on Dec. 25, 2014. 

  • Where is the city pride

     To the editor:

    I’m sure the new mural on the pavilion will be nice, but there’s one thing that doesn’t match it...the condition of the city itself. 

  • Theater is asset to city

    To the editor:

    What a great asset you have in the fledgling Williston Community Theater. Having attended the first weekend of their third show I was quite pleased with the wonderful production - the kids especially did a great job.

    Besides the entertainment value the theater will be giving kids a place to show off their talents in the performing arts as well as learn about other opportunities for career choices out there in the big wide world.

    Go Williston!

    Ron Clark

  • Reader says vote yes on Amendment 2

    To the editor:

    I’m writing this letter to ask that everyone vote YES on Amendment 2.

    The negative ad campaigns make it sound like if you vote YES it will bring marijuana to our state.

    Well guess what…the business of selling marijuana is already here. It's alive and well and being sold by illegal drug dealers.

    Many of the people that are using it use it so that they don’t have to take the highly addictive pain killers that have killed many many people.

  • Thanks for caring

    To the editor:

    I want to extend a sincere thank you from myself and my family to all of you for your prayers, flowers, cards, and expressions of concern during my recent hospital stay.

    By the grace of God, I am at home and becoming stronger each day. Your good wishes remind me daily of the power of prayer and the value of loving and supportive family and friends.