• ‘You look just like your mother’

    After church this past Sunday, Tom and I drove to a local diner for a quick snack since we bypassed breakfast and couldn’t wait until I shopped and cooked at home.
    As we settled in, other groups filtered in–a good amalgam for Easter lunch: young couples, older adults, families with small children.
    But it was the group of four women who took the table beside us that caught–and held–my eye.
    They were all late 60s, early 70s, and each was different in size, shape, hair style and fashion sense.

  • Reporters are no different from you

    I knew when I was 10 years old I was going to be a writer.  I knew when I was 17 years old that newspapers were in my future. That realization only came as I was filling out college applications and it dawned on me that no one pays you to write romance novels when you’ve never experienced romance.

  • More Q & A from the Social Security folks

    By Ruqayyah Nicholas

  • Learning the hard way

    By Susan Howell

  • Our content has value

    You may have seen it on our  front page last week. Beginning Thursday, March 17 the Williston Pioneer website goes to a subscriber-only site.
    Why? You’re asking. Because our newpaper content has value and there is expense associated with delivering it to you–whether it be in print form or online.
    Each week more than 20 people help get your newspaper to you. Most of you only see the three of us here–Debbie, Chris and me. But the truth is, behind the scenes there are others who ensure that the paper reaches the mailboxes and stores each week.

  • New Orleans is a magical place

    The question was simple: how spontaneous are you? The answer was easy: very.
    And with that brief interchange, I began yet another exciting adventure late last month.
    My birthday falls near the end of January, and since I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), Tom usually whisks me away to a sunnier-than-Levy County locale so I can soak up the sun.

  • Moving basketball venue was a political maneuver

    Williston Basketball fans should know that Michele Faulk, the athletic director at Santa Fe High School contacted the FHSAA Board to have the Williston vs. Santa Fe Regional Semi-final State Playoff game moved to a larger gym,

    The FHSAA stood by the rule that found the Williston Gym did not meet the size capacity to host a 3A playoff game.

    Even though Williston, the winner of the regional quarterfinal game is supposed to host the game, like other winners are doing, Santa Fe officials protested so the game is moved.

  • Water World

    By Susan Howell

  • Are the savings worth the price?

    By Jason Cason

  • City leaders got what they wanted

    By Jerry Robinson