• Gee, I guess stinky will have to do

     I have a lot of hair. And I’m thankful for it. But having a mass of hair that sometimes looks and feels like I’m wearing a helmet also has a few disadvantages.

  • Our pasts make us who we are in the present

     Someone very dear to me is living in the past. Not a conversation between us occurs without him remarking how much he longs for days gone by. 

  • Larger than life–and now beyond it

     If I close my eyes, the images come quickly but oddly so does the smell and while some would argue that you can’t smell what isn’t there, I know I can.

  • When throwing stones, make sure your aim is accurate

    Anyone who knows me–really knows me–knows that the red blood that courses through my veins is actually tinged with liberal doses of white and blue.

  • I turned around and suddenly he was a man

     It was just about this time of year 23 years ago that I was struck with a fast and unusual malaise.

    I didn’t think a lot about it. I was a mother of two, ages 5 and 7, and working two jobs so it was only natural I was always fatigued.

  • Their legacy was sisterhood

     My maternal grandparents left a long legacy–seven children and 29 grandchildren.

  • Ponderable

     The lawn mower is silent. There is no clanging of a hammer as it  beats against a machine, or nail, or tree. Palm fronds have fallen unceremoniously to the ground during the brisk March gusts and lay there yet as April comes into being with a promise of a hot summer.

  • Sydney and beyond

    By Susan Howell

     No grass grew under my feet once I landed at Sydney International Airport. After almost 24 hours spent in travel, I was quickly whisked away at the airport by my son, where we boarded a train that took us over to Sydney Harbor, where we then transferred onto a ferry which would take us over to Manly Beach. Reality set in as the ferry cruised past the historic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge– “I’m in Australia.”

  • Farewell

    As this outstanding basketball teams season comes to an end, I too, am saying “So long.”  

    Over the last 7 1/2  years, I have had the distinct privilege to cover some of the most outstanding, well mannered young men and women participating in high school sports today. I am speaking of the young men and women in Williston, who are proud to be called Red Devils.

    From football to basketball, volleyball and softball, baseball, and the cheerleaders.  And I certainly won't forget the annual Award Banquets I have covered.

  • Far from home

    Susan Howell  

    On an early December morning, I awoke some 10,000 odd miles from my own backyard, to the unfamiliar sound of wild birds that filled the Australian sky as the sun rose on Manly Beach, a hustling coastal suburb in Sydney Australia.