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  • Charles Goodman qualifies for city council, Group D

    Charles Goodman has qualified for Williston City Council, Group D–the seat held by incumbent Michael Shoemaker.

    In a statement released last week,  Goodman wrote:

    “My name is Charles Goodman.  I am a candidate for City Councilor in Williston and would like to invite the citizens of Williston to meet me at my home.

  • Pioneer of the Year will return Feb. 2

    For many years, the Williston Pioneer saluted unsung heroes with its Pioneer of the Year award.

    Next week, the tradition will be revived. Each month through December, the newspaper will salute an individual who most typifies the Pioneer spirit–blazing new trails, making a difference in the community and standing out among  his peers as a mover and shaker. 

    At the end of December,  monthly Pioneers will be featured and from them an independent panel of judges will select the Pioneer of the Year 2012.

  • Williston Police make three burglary arrests

    Two people have been charged with the November burglary of the  Internet Café, located at 61 N. Main St.

    Marvin Cooper III, 24, of NE 40th Street and Shea Colson, 21, of Gulf Hammock were charged with the crime within eight days of each other, according to Sgt. James Bond of the Williston Police Department.

    The Internet Café was burglarized Nov. 17 around 3 a.m., Bond said. A small safe containing about $500 was taken. The entire incident was captured on security  camera.

  • Groundhog sees shadow: 6 more weeks of Winter
  • Qualifying ends

    Those who have qualified for the City Election are:

    Mayor:     R. Gerald Hethcoat

    Group B:   Elihu  R. Ross

    Group D:   Mike Shoemaker
                         Charles Goodman

    Group E:   Jason S. Cason

    Therefore there is one contest and that is for "Group D"  between  Shoemaker (Incumbent) and  Goodman.

  • High school law students open mock trial to the public

    Special to the Pioneer

    Williston High School’s Law Studies students and their instructor,  April Palmer,  invite the community to attend the second annual mock trial, in the WHS auditorium, Jan. 25, from 10:37 a.m. until 12:57 p.m.  

  • City clerk resigns; investigation closes

    The Williston City Council accepted the resignation of City Clerk Nan Mack during its regular meeting Tuesday night.
    Mack offered a two week notice, President Jerry Robinson said.
    Robinson asked City Manager Pat Miller if provisions could be made to handle the city elections and day-to-day work in the event the council accepted the resignation effective immediately.
    Miller said the work is being handled, and while there are always some problems, he and the remaining staff could work efficiently.

  • MLK Day could be added to city holidays next year

    Williston City Council agreed Tuesday to forfeit the day after Christmas paid holiday in exchange for employees getting Martin Luther King Day off in January.
    The decision came after community leader Avis Seabrook asked council to allow city workers to have the federal holiday off.
    Seabrook said she did not have to tell anyone about the good that Dr. King did, as she presented 204 signatures of other residents who feel as she does.
    She also asked council to not make employees take their floating holiday, but to actually add it to the holiday calendar.

  • Jason Cason qualifies for city council

    Jason Cason qualified for Williston City Council, Group E, Monday.
    “For those of you who do not know me, I am 36 years old and have slept more nights of my life within the city limits of Williston than anywhere else.
    “I am the youngest son of Jake and Marion Cason.  I attended Little Friends nursery, Joyce Bullock Elementary, Williston Intermediate/Middle School and I graduated from Williston High School in 1993.

  • City electric customers will see refunds

    It took two hours and enough alegebraic equations to make a poor math student cringe before Williston City Council members decided they would refund  $300,000 in overcharges from the electric department.
    Council members, with the exception of Michael Shoemaker, met last Thursday in a three-hour workshop to discuss the city’s electric department, the airport and how to handle recommendations from the 2010 audit.
    In 2010-11, city staff failed to process the formula for the bulk power cost adjustment, which resulted in the overcharge of more than $300,000.