Today's News

  • Lohrey named new football coach

    After reviewing more than 70 applications to replace out-going Coach Jamie Baker, the field was narrowed down to five.

    Williston Principal Eulin Gibbs then went to work to get the best applicant suited for the Williston football program. 

    From the large pile of papers placed in front of Gibbs, one could only be convinced that he did a thorough job in researching each of the final applicants.

  • Joyce Hurt hangs up the scissors

    The beehive, the French twist, the shag and the bouffant. Not only has Joyce Hurt seen them all–she’s done them all.

    But two weeks ago, Hurt traded her scissors and curling irons for retirement after 53 years of standing on her feet making people look beautiful.

    Now instead of perm solution and hair color, she will be helping her artist husband pitch his talent at craft shows and fairs.

  • Griner gears up for yet another agricultural distinction

    Some say it can be difficult maintaining balance in today’s world, a place where perspectives on life have become ever more polarizing and where, more and more, ways of living have come into conflict with each other.

  • Businesses of the Year

     Maguire’s Auto Shop was named Business of the Year by the Williston Chamber of Commerce’s new president Jennifer Radder, who was also named Director of the Year. 

    B4 Advertising was named New Business of the Year 

  • Crime drops in Williston

    If Williston Police Chief Dennise Strow looks a little happier these days, maybe it’s because during 2013 he saw a huge reduction in crime in the city he watches over.

  • As tradition meets future growth, descendants divide over moving graves

    By Toni C. Collins

    Special to the Pioneer

     Tucked away under a stand of oak trees about 3/8 of a mile east of a highly traveled highway south of Williston can be found a small reminder of days gone by, the Limbaugh Family Cemetery. The cemetery of five marked graves surrounded by a fieldstone wall is no larger than 20 feet by 30 feet but its existence is virtually unknown to all but the descendants of the Limbaugh and related families.

  • County asked to declare ‘newspaper of record’

    It’s that time of year when the Levy County Tax Collector’s Office starts pulling together the delinquent tax rolls that will be published in late spring. 

  • Appreciate the Goodness

    Growing up in Aberdeen, Miss., Reginald Kelly wanted more than to be an athlete.

    Never mind that Kelly was blessed with a God-given talent that took him to Mississippi State and later to a successful career as a tight end in the NFL. 

    His parents were blue collar workers who toiled hard to ensure he and his brother were provided for. They passed along that work ethic and a strong sense of values that hasn’t wavered.

  • County workers will get second raise in seven months

    Levy County employees will have a little something extra in their paychecks shortly: a 2 percent pay increase that the County Commission approved dating back to Oct. 1, 2013. That is on top of the 3 percent pay increase approved in June.

  • WES Teacher of the Year