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  • Miracle Dog

    Noon may not be a traditional naptime, but if you’re Annie Grace, you’ve earned the right to nap anytime you want to, and as often as you want.
    At 20, Annie Grace may be the  world’s oldest living Italian Greyhound but since the American Kennel Club doesn’t keep that information, there’s no way of knowing for sure, said her human companion,  Patty Standridge.

  • Airport, city plan for improved relationship

    The mother-in-law lives in a suite adjacent to the house but she doesn’t have dinner with the family.
    That was City Attorney Fred Koberlein’s summation of the city of Williston and its Airport Committee after differing views of the most recent committee meeting were presented at last week’s city council meeting.
    Councilors Elihu Ross and Charles Goodman were appointed last month to be the council’s liaisons to the committee and last week  President Jerry Robinson asked the two for their takes on their first meeting.

  • Williston audit confirms progress

    The city of Williston was commended for making progress in correcting the deficiencies pointed out in last year’s  annual audit.
    “It was a much more pleasurable audit this year,” Helen Painter told the city council last week. “This is a good team to get the city back on track.”
    Unlike last year when the audit was considerably late due to poor financial record keeping and the turnover at city hall, this year’s audit will only miss the deadline a few days and will show a city that is meeting the challenge.

  • Weather Update-Governor declares State of Emergency

    As a result of Tropical Storm Debby, an Executive Order of Emergency has been declared by Gov. Scott, which includes Levy County. The Board of County Commissioners for Levy County have also signed a Local Declaration of Emergency.

    The recent heavy rains have caused sinkholes to form, roads to flood and weakened the root systems on some of our trees, making them vulnerable to the winds. Drivers are cautioned to stay off of flooded roadways and be aware that roads could become obstructed with debris.

  • Battlefield

    By Susan Howell

     One of the most abundant and colorful birds to inhabit my yard is the Northern Cardinal. Over the years these permanent residents have provided me with not only their beautiful song but also a little bit of wild bird drama. The striking red plumage of the male certainly outshines the rusty brown female, but from my perspective unlike other wild birds their different coloration easily differentiates one from the other.

  • Levy County Sheriff 6-21

     The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

  • Chasing the trout

     By Capt. Brylee

  • College is not just book learning, it changes your life

     I’m happy with the progress students have made in English 1 this past year in college.

  • You never forget your first

     His name was Harry and he was nine years older than me but that’s not important.

  • Group makes offer to run hospital

    Six health care professionals made an offer Monday to take over the operations of Williston’s Tri County Hospital.