Today's News

  • Mining in Montbrook

    To the editor:

    You may have seen the signs up “NO BLAST NO DUST” around our neighborhood in Montbrook and on East Levy Street. We are very much against the blasting mine Mr. Vanderwey would like to see placed here. Mr. Vanderwey hasn’t given up on his idea of a lime rock blasting mine in Williston. While he hasn’t gone before the Board of Commissioners (BOC) yet, he is still working on getting his paperwork in order to proceed in hopes of getting approval from the board.

  • Sheriff's Report

    A Morriston man was arrested June 21 on charges of sexual battery.

    David Matthew Goodman, 25, allegedly committed forced sexual battery on a visitor to his travel trailer.

    A witness to the alleged incident told authorities that the victim told Goodman no several times but he refused to stop.

    Investigator Mike Bell arrested Goodman and transported him to the Levy County Jail.

    Goodman was out of jail for felony battery probation, according to the arrest report. Bond was set at $30,000.

    Also arrested were:

  • Williston Police

    The Williston Police Department reports the following arrests:

    • Marcelius Romero Monroe, 32, of SE 10th Street was arrested on an Alachua County warrant June 12. Bond was $700. He was also charged with driving while license suspended or revoked times six and giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

    • Eric T. Ross, 32, of SE 144th Avenue was charged with habitual driving while license suspended or revoked and possession of cannabis, less than 20 grams on June 13. He was also picked up on an Alachua County writ of bodily attachment.

  • Warnings begin for red light runners; citations begin June 15

    Williston Police Chief Dan Davis told the city council Tuesday that about half a dozen warnings had been issued for running red lights in the city. The project, which is guided by Traffipax, has been a year and a half in the making. Davis said that he was satisfied with the flow of paperwork between Traffipax and the city.

  • After 24 years taking note of the city, Henson ready to retire

    City Clerk Barbara Henson, who will retire at the end of the month after 24 years of service to the city, was completely taken aback on Tuesday evening when she walked casually into the community center.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    The Rotary Club of Williston would like to publicly thank the following individuals and businesses for their participation in the Rotary Jail-n Bail held on Friday, June 5:

    Patty Galyean, Mike Doerr, John Gray, Tammi Johns/Green Shutters, Jim Smith, Bo Hobby, Charlotte Jones/Willard’s Restaurant, Frances Lasalle, John Lott, Stoney Smith, Alan Cooper, Janice Carlisle, Owen Baynard , Devin Whitehurst, Richard Dass.

  • Business owners passionate about parking

    It’s been a point of dissent for many years for business owners in the center of Williston, and it came to a head at Monday evening’s CRA meeting. Tempers flared and voices were raised.

    The most recent conflict concerns the Ivy House, which has had angled parking across the street for many years, on city property, though the area has never been officially striped to accommodate vehicles and some visitors park on, and destroy, the grass.

    Not coincidentally, some Ivy House customers park on the grass on the NW 1st Avenue side of the restaurant.

  • Bronson High School Scholarship List

    Samantha Cabrera

    SFC Henry H. Beck, $900 (renewable)

    William and Norma Schossler, $500

    Bright Futures Medallion

    Elvera Dourdis

    Capital City Group Foundation, $1,000

    Dakota Dowling

    CFCC Academic Distinction, $700 per term, $2800 total

    Town of Bronson, $1,000

    Levy County Food Service, $100

    Levy County Schools Foundation, $500

    Barfield Group, $500

    Milton E. Sims Memorial, $500

    Bright Futures Medallion

    Travis Fletcher

    Imagine America

    Jessica Hafers

  • Honor Roll--Joyce Bullock

    Joyce Bullock Elementary

    A Honor Roll – First Grade

    Chorvat: J. D. Dillard, Blaze Robertson

    Coleman: Angelina Cochrane, Jacey Knott, Rhett Munden

    Cooper: Juliette Beville, Samuel White, Shannon Rockett, Leandrea Evans

    Griffith: Karina Lowyns, Everett Warren, Alyssa Whitehurst

    Hogle: Joshua Forsythe, John Joyner, Mikenzi Langlois, Estrella Rosa-Harrison,

    Kailey Wasson

    Milton: Riley Battle, Grady Bullock, Nathan Gloria, Katlynn Karwan, Michaela Warren

  • Honor Roll--Williston Elementary

    Williston Elementary School

    Third Grade Principal

    Keilani Carlisle, Ryan Ghamandi, Felicity Johns, Diego Lavieri, Greyson Moore, Gabriel Pena, Camilla Riveros, Delaney Anderson, Lexi Zapata, Haylee Baker, Travis Coleman, Ryker Gauthier

    Cori Strickland, Emily Ous, Alyssa Landon, Kayla Wright, Mariah Rives, Kaitlyn Taylor, Morgan Stacey, Maggie Knott, Courtney McGillicuddy, Samantha Veldink, Tori Hill

    Third Grade A/B Honor Roll