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  • Wants city to be more supportive of WYAA

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  • Charges PE’s Lyash misrepresents facts

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  • To the moon, Lou

    As a child of the 50s, I am part of the generation that saw humans fly into space and came to believe that if we applied ourselves to a problem it could be solved — especially if we applied ourselves to science, engineering and math.

    The news that the Soviets (remember them?) had put a man into space sent us into a frenzy.

    We watched President Kennedy’s challenge to reach the moon in 10 years.

    I remember the nuns hustling us out of class one day to look up at the sky for a “really tiny reflection of light.”

  • Powering America

    The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is a bill in Congress designed to help move the United States off of its dependency on petroleum products by rewarding folks—corporations, companies and communities—who develop and sell alternatives while demanding that the industries using or selling oil-based products—such as utilities and auto-makers—adhere to a program reducing its use over the next four decades.

  • Preparing his whole life

    Jon Ebersole of Oak Park, Ill. feels as if he has been preparing for his current career and job his entire life.

    “I was raised a Mennonite, which is a very service-oriented faith,” said 48-year-old Ebersole in a telephone interview. “When in college, I was the ‘big brother’ for a kid in a tough situation involved with state services. I believe alcohol and emotional abuse existed in his family.”

  • Paper is Late

    Due to press problems, the Williston Pioneer is running late reaching newsstands and subscribers. We appreciate your patience.

  • High speed chase was ‘fun’ for Otter Creek man

    An Otter Creek man who led officers of the Alachua and Levy County officers on a chase at speeds in excess of 100 mph, hit a rescue vehicle and nearly sideswiped three deputies in the process, declared the episode “fun.”

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has declared it three counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers and fleeing and attempting to elude at high speed - that’s one misdemeanor and three felony charges ± not to mention a traffic citation for running a red light, too.

  • Williston Police

    Williston Police Department reports the following arrests:

    • David A. Pugh, 53, of Ocala was arrested June 3 and charged with driving under the influence–alcohol.

    • Wendy E. Fuller, 34, of Williston was charged June 11 with worthless checks. Bond was set at $496.11.

    • Moises Alvarez, 22, of Williston was charged with depriving 911 and domestic battery,

  • Church corrals lot of talent for summer break concert

    School’s out so it’s time to party and Miracle Vision Tabernacle Outreach Center is sponsoring its second annual “Summer Break Kick-Off” with a wealth of local and out of town musical talent.

    “It’s for kids to start out with something positive for the summer,” Center Youth Adviser Shereka Jackson said. The entertainment is free.

    The day starts at noon with games, activities, food and drink. On the menu is barbecue chicken and ribs, hot dogs, and french fries.

  • Summer play gives Diamond Red Devils improvement time

    Contributing Writer

    School is out and the 2009 Williston Red Devil Baseball season has ended. But the players who will be returning next season for the Red Devils and Coach Jim Smith have not hung up their gloves. In fact some of the returning players are playing more baseball than ever.

    Besides playing in a regular varsity schedule against some area local teams, 11 of the Red Devils are also playing on the North Central Florida Stars Teams.