Today's News

  • Crashes spur county to write new policy

    A spate of crashes in the last month involving Levy County vehiclesee* including one where a gentleman's agreement on who would pay for the repairs ee* is resulting in a policy being written on the handling of such incidents.

    In the past month a county vehicle used by the extension office, a county truck that was towing portable work lights, and a county dump truck loaded with asphalt were all involved in accidents.

  • County Judge to be ‘invested’ Friday

    A formal investiture for newly appointed Levy County Judge James T. “Tim” Browning will be held Friday at 4:30 p.m. in Courtroom A at the Levy County Courthouse.

    The public is welcome to attend the ceremony and the reception that follows in the cafetorium at Hilltop Alternative School behind the courthouse.

    The ceremony, which dates back to feudal times, is a formal ceremony where the judge takes an oath to uphold the U.S. and Florida constitutions and the laws of the state.

  • Pavers will help fund park beautification

    The people of the Williston area will have an opportunity to place their personal stamp on the Heritage Park, suggested CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) chairman Dr. Ken Schwiebert at Monday’s meeting.

    It’s an old idea that could easily be incorporated into the new facility. Back in 1997, when the gazebo at the north end of the park was completed and dedicated, many citizens bought inscribed bricks to be placed around the gazebo to commemorate loved ones or simply to indicate their support of the effort to improve the town that was signified by the gazebo.

  • A Williston Pioneer Editorial

    It was a season of ups and downs. First came the consistency of the victories.

    And then the heartache of the forfeitures that saw a winning season turn into more losses than wins.

    But the 2010 Williston Red Devil basketball team and first-year Head Coach Steve Faulkner were undaunted.

    They shrugged off the negativity, claimed both the district and regional titles and made their way to the state Final Four–the first time the team has competed in the 3A division at that level.

  • Community Happenings

    Saturday, March 20

    Theatre Auditions

    The Suwannee Valley Player are holding auditions for the next production Name That Murder, comedy spoof that is a play within a play. Auditions are open and will begin at 10 am on Saturday, March 20 at the Chief Theater at 25 Park Ave., Chiefland.


    WHS 1980 Reunion

    Willison High School Class of 1980 will hold a reunion June 18-20.

    On Friday there will be a mixer; Saturday night dinner/dancing at the Williston Crossings and a barbecue Sunday at Rainbow Springs.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Brian R. Bible, 24, of Cedar Key was charged with domestic battery March 5. Bond was $5,000.

    Quilla M. Oates, 35, of Williston was charged with fraud/insufficient funds March 4. Bond was $6,100.

    Valrize Latrice Bristol, 39, of Bronson was arrested March 3 with domestic battery. Bond was $2,500.

    Joshua B. Robinson, 20, of Williston was charged with Violation of Probation (VOP) aggravated assault with a weapon. He was released on his own recognizance.

  • Man charged on six counts after high speed chase

    A Williston man was charged with six different offenses Friday night after police officers responded to a domestic battery call where the victim reported her boyfriend, Vincent Donnell Peterson, 49, had pulled her from the car, threw her to the ground and sped off toward East Williston in her vehicle.

    Officers went to the “Gambling House”, located in East Williston but Peterson left at a high rate of speed.

  • Red Devils fall in Final Four; but left fans with memories

    The 2010 Williston Red Devils Boys Basketball Team will long be remembered as the District Champions and Regional Champions. This season was the best season in Williston basketball history.

    A state championship title still remains unattained for Williston High School, but this 2010 boys basketball team is more than state champions after a semi-final game played against Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest March 3 at the Lakeland Center.

  • Observations from a tournament attending pro

    For Williston’s basketball team, there was no giving up. At the end, the players were still diving after loose balls, trying to make plays, and actually made the score respectable in the 77-63 loss to Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest in the state Class 3A semifinal at Lakeland last week.

    All you heard about going into the tournament was that the reigning Florida Mr. Basketball, Brandon Knight of Pine Crest, was the top recruit in the country and that he had not committed to any college yet (he’s a senior).

    Frankly, he wasn’t that impressive.

  • A Williston Pioneer Editorial

    The strength of any community lays with its residents and businesses. For the past 25 years, the Williston Chamber of Commerce has supported local business and promoted “Shop at Home.” That’s because every dollar spent in Williston turns over and over and over.

    This year marks the Chamber’s Silver Anniversary and last Friday it threw itself a party to salute the people who work tirelessly, selflessly to ensure the economy of Williston stays strong.