Local News

  • Task force cracks down on drugs

    A 26-year-old Williston resident was arrested last week and charged with four counts of possession of crack cocaine and four counts of sale of crack cocaine.

    Demetris A. Wallace of 21370 N.E. 38th Place, was charged after the Levy County Drug Task Force used a confidential source to allegedly make four drug buys, on April 17, April 18, May 1 and May 29th. Three of the buys were at the 38th Place address, while the other was at 21431 N.E. 35th St.

    A total of $550 changed hands, according to a release from the Levy County Sheriff's Office.

    Total bond was $90,000.

  • Residents get car seat help

    Is your child really safe in the car? Car crashes remain the number one killer of children ages 3-14 in the United States (source NHTSA). In 2005, 1,946 children ages 14 and under died and an estimated 234,000 were injured in crashes. In Levy county - 4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly. Safe Kids is trying to make a difference and reduce those fatalities and injuries, states Debora Regan, director of Safe Kids North Central Florida. "What we want to do is educate the parents and caregivers and get those car seats installed correctly.

  • City scraps fire fee plan

    In a time of economic uncertainty and even gloom, status quo is best. That appears to be the conclusion reached by Williston's City Council when, at their Tuesday night meeting, they declined to take action on two major economic issues.

  • Residents become wary of new power plant

    Progress Energy is coming with its nuclear power plant construction and the Levy County Commission is starting to feel the impact from the public.

    In Tuesday's regular county commission meeting a request to re-zone 4 parcels of land from along US Highway 19/98 and Southeast 68th Avenue in Inglis from agricultural to C-2 which would allow a variety of retail and personal services uses sparked a discussion among citizens about the coming changes.

  • Couple arrested on drug charges

    A Williston area couple have been arrested on a variety of drug charges by the Levy County Drug Task Force after a months-long investigation into drug dealing.

  • Joyce Bullock portables to be replaced

    BRONSON - With the site and design approval for a new structure, Joyce Bullock Elementary School is hoping to put a dent in the six portable structures sitting on the south side of its sprawling campus.

    The Levy County School Board members OK'd the plans for a 11,700-square-foot building that will house eight classrooms.

    The exact cost of the new building - a combination of the design talents of Paul Stresing and Associates along with M.M. Parish Construction - has yet to be determined.

  • County keeps millage rate

    Levy County's property tax millage rate will remain at its current rate - 7.4212 mills - for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1.

    That's good news for property tax owners. But the bad news for Levy County is that employees won't get a raise and it will have to spend its entire emergency reserve fund, to balance a reduced budget at that tax rate.

  • City residents may pay fire fee

    In the upcoming tax year, Williston residents may be subject to a fire assessment for the first time in the city's history.

    The City Council voted at its most recent meeting to implement a Resolution of Intent to fund fire and rescue services by the imposition of an annual fee on all property within the city limits of Williston.

    City Attorney Norm Fugate said that city residents pay no fire assessments to Levy County, as occupants of the unincorporated portions of the county do.

  • Suspect in home invasion killed

    One suspect is dead and four others are under arrest after a home invasion early Wednesday.

    According to a news release, the invasion occurred in the 19000 block of Northwest County Road 335 in Marion County, just outside of the Williston area.

    Officials say two armed suspects unlawfully entered the residence, and as a result a homeowner "retrieved a firearm and shot and killed one suspect."

    The second suspect fled along with some others.

    The dead man was identified as Jonathan Gaal, 19, of Southeast 70th Loop in Ocala.

  • Stretch of 441 to be name for Williston resident

    On Wednesday, July 9, a road sign was unveiled that honors a local hero; a stretch of U.S. 441 is now designated as the Lt. Colonel Robert T. Heagy Jr. Memorial Highway.

    Lt. Col. Robert T. Heagy Jr. resided in Williston before he died in 2005. He was born just outside of Archer in 1930. Lt. Col. Heagy Jr. became assistant to the base commander when he entered the Air Force. He soon became an officer. Lt. Col. Heagy Jr. served in the military for over 30 years. For 28 of those years he was a fighter pilot.