Local News

  • Levy picks Trump, Clinton


    With less than 50 percent of Levy County's registered voters going to the polls Tuesday, the clear front runner in the Presidential Preference election was Donald Trump who took 57.64 per- cent of the 6,497 Republican votes cast.

    Trump received 3,745 votes – more than the total cast for all the Democrat candidates.

  • Knowles resigns as public service director

    David Knowles, the county's first Department of Public Safety director and county fire chief resigned from his job on Tuesday afternoon.

    Alesha Rinaudo, assistant to the director for DPS confirmed Knowles was called to County Coordinator Fred Moody's office at 3 p.m. where Moody requested the resignation and Knowles complied.

    She said Knowles did not give a reason for the request.

  • Hospital rep not happy with results

    By Lou Elliott Jones

    An investigation into seven complaints that patients were advised against going to Regional General Hospital Williston and were taken to hospitals in Gainesville by Levy County Emergency Medical Services left no one satisfied at Tuesday's County Commission meeting. 

  • Dogan Cobb dead at 105

    Dogan S. Cobb, fondly known as “the Boss” and beloved for his public service and devotion to his country, Levy County and the Town of Bronson, died on Sunday, March 6 at the age of 105. 

    Visitation was held by the family at First Baptist Church of Bronson on Tuesday afternoon and funeral services were at the church on Wednesday, March 9. 

  • BACE chairman calls for code changes

    Telling the Williston City Council that the look of the city from its four corners is not appealing, or inviting, Sharon Brannan, implored the leadership to put some teeth into its ordinances.

    Brannan, Williston businesswoman and resident, is also the chairman of the city's Board of Adjustment and Code Enforcement (BACE).

  • Williston Chamber picks Best of . . .

    The highlights of the annual Williston Chamber Installation Banquet was the naming of the Business of the Year (Drummond Community Bank), the New Business of the Year (Kirby Family Farms) and Director of the Year (Paul Jones).

  • From saddle shoes to class jackets, banquet had it all

     For more than three hours Saturday night, the clock was turned back as the calendar flipped six decades to the 1950s.

    Wearing poodle skirts, rolled dungarees, cat-eye glasses and saddle shoes, they came to listen to Elvis and swivel their hips with a hula hoop during the Williston Chamber of Commerce's annual Installation Banquet.

  • March 10 will decide museum's fate

    It's been three years in the making and on March 10, the future of the Williston Historical Museum will lay in the hands of the people who live here.

    Alan Celoria, son of Virginia Celoria, is the man behind the push to establish a facility that will house and preserve documents and mementoes that tell Williston's history.

  • Wininger wins Williston Council post


    With almost 50 percent of the votes cast Tuesday, political newcomer Nancy Wininger claimed the Group E city council seat, defeating Robert Mack 142-78. Three provisional ballots were cast and the canvassing board will review them tonight (Thursday) before making the votes official.

  • Robert Mack tells why he's a candidate

    Name: Robert Mack

    How long have you lived in Williston? My total time lived in Williston is about 25 years since my family moved away from Williston in early childhood for Active Duty deployment and I spent a couple of years in Gainesville at the University of Florida.

    Family: Wife – Ashley Mack (formerly Ashley Simpson); Son – Oliver Mack; Mother and Father – Nan and Gary Mack; Sister and Brother in Law – Stephanie Mack Kearney and Sean Kearney