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  • Council sets preliminary millage at 5.9025

    You can always go back, but you can’t go up. That was the dominating thought Tuesday night when Williston City Council tentatively set the 2011-2012 millage at 5.9025–the same as it is now.
    There is a caveat to the millage rate, however. Property values in Williston have decreased more than $9 million this year, and if the council opts to stay with 5.9025 mills, it will generate about $57,000 less for the upcoming year.
    The 4-1 vote, with Councilor Norm Fugate opposing, came after two other failed attempts to set a preliminary millage rate.

  • County gets good grade on handling finances from auditor

    Levy County’s outside auditor said the handling of its money is good and gave an unqualified review–the highest opinion possible.
    Alan Nast, of Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC, said the audit is “a nice snapshot” of how money is handled by the county. The report is for the county’s fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010.
    As for the unqualified opinion, “That’s what you want to hear,” he said.
    But the auditors also noted some items that the county should consider.
    Among other findings in the audit were:

  • Eco Sciences owner unsure of who councilman is

    Gary Hammond, owner of Eco Sciences, did not know which councilman was Brooks Holloway, after Holloway told council members Eco Sciences was not locating in Williston with Hammond citing "because of the unprofessionalism of the council."

  • Businessman refutes councilman's statement
  • Eco Sciences has not ruled Williston out

       Williston City Council members were dismayed Tuesday night to learn that Eco Sciences, the company that offered to pay the city for its waste water, was no longer interested in coming to a site at the airport.

       During councilor discussion, Brooks Holloway told council members that Gary Hammond, Eco Sciences CEO, had decided to move the project to a different city.

       “This costs the city $109,200 a year,” Holloway said, adding the reason was “because of the unprofessionalism of the council.”

  • The ride home

    By Mike Capshaw


    Under a canopy of gray skies Saturday morning, a group of bikers left Williston for Kentucky with the ashes of veteran John Waddy Jr.

    The Patriot Guard Riders were taking Waddy's remains to his family some 600-plus miles away in London, Ky. A dozen bikes headed north to meet another group at the "Flying J at the second exit in Georgia" off Interstate 75. Only one bike, ridden by drive captains Sue Sakers and Mike Engles, will make the entire trek from Florida to Kentucky.

  • Police chief shortlist narrowed to four

    The city of Williston inched its way closer to finding a permanent police chief during a committee meeting last week.

     Clay Connolly, John Donadio, Dennis J. Strow and Thomas R. Wilder made the final cut from the 11 men who applied for the job. They will be interviewed beginning at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 4 in the City Council Chambers.

    One of these men will become Williston’s next police chief, following on the heels of Dan Davis who retired in February. Capt. Clay Connolly is currently serving in the position as the interim chief.

  • County will start fiscal year $1.4 million shy



    Levy County Commissioners, for the first time, openly discussed the ideas of worker furloughs and cuts — such as a nine-hour, four-day work week.

    Faced with a 7.3 percent drop in property tax values and tax revenues, plus a general fund budget that has been cut just about as far as possible the commission sent the message that it is looking at cutting back hours, service hours or laying off county workers. 

  • Grant paid for administrators’ iPads

    By Mike Capshaw

  • Thanks to caring people

    To the editor:
        On June 10 I had visitors from out of town.  It had been a busy day and we went to Willard’s for dinner.  While there, my friend became ill.  The staff at Willard’s was wonderful, giving us orange juice, cold towels, whatever we needed while the EMTs were on the way from Bronson.