Local News

  • Electric credits start now

    Over the course of the next three months, Williston electricity customers will get a little bonus on their  bills in the form of a credit.
    At Tuesday’s meeting, the council agreed to begin the credit process that will refund over $335,000 to consumers.
    For about 22 months, from March 1, 2010 until Dec. 31, 2011, electric customers were overcharged.
    After a lengthy discussion and outcry from city residents, council members voted to refund the overcharges.

  • Brooke Ward will run for Supervisor of Elections

    Brooke Ward has announced her candidacy for Levy County Supervisor of Elections.

    In her announcement letter she wrote, “My name is Brooke Ward and I am a longtime resident of Levy County. My daughter Kinsey and I are strong agriculture advocates, and reside at Ward Farms which has been in our family for several generations. 

  • Don’t be a victim

     The Williston Police Department is partnering with Jerry Heines to sponsor a “Women’s Awareness and Defense Class” to teach women how to avoid being the victim of a physical attack. 

    Heines has formed his class to prepare women to have a survivor mindset and to use simple and practical techniques of self defense. 

  • Elihu Ross:

    Elihu Ross could refute Thomas Wolfe’ claim that you can’t go home again. He’s living proof you can, because he’s done it dozens of times over the span of his seven decades.

    Ross, elected to the Williston City Council earlier this month to fill the  unexpired  term of Marc Nussel, was born at home on 1st Street.

    Today, he and his wife, Ann, live beside the home he was born in and in fact, still own it.

  • Sandra Hodge runs for Levy School Board, District 2

    Sandra Hodge is running for Levy County School Board, District 2.
    In her announcement, she wrote, “Hello, my name is Sandra Worthington Hodge and I am excited to announce that I am campaigning for the seat of the Levy County School Board, District 2.  

  • Batchelor is Pioneer of Year nominee

    Theresa Batchelor was named March’s nominee in the Williston Pioneer’s 10-month search for Pioneer of the Year.
    Batchelor, operates Beauty’s Haven, a horse rescue   farm. She was selected by an independent panel of judges to become  this month’s nominee.
    The nomination letter, which will be printed in its entirety in December, stresses her selflessness in rehabilitating horses and placing them in good homes.

  • Inmates returning to city

    Free labor is returning to Williston and the city council couldn’t be more pleased.
    At Tuesday night’s meeting, the council voted to enter into a contract with the State of Florida Department of Corrections that will send six inmates to the city to work.
    This is not a new venture for the city, but when the Forestry Work Camp closed due to budget constraints, inmates were assigned to other facilities and the city lost–in the words of City Manager Pat Miller– “a valuable workforce.”

  • New Kids on the Block

    Their backgrounds share no similarities but their futures are pointed toward the same goal–service to Williston in leadership roles.
    Jason Cason and Charles Goodman were elected earlier this month to the Williston City Council–Cason was unopposed and Goodman won in a landslide victory over the incumbent. The two will take their seats at 7 p.m. April 10 in formal swearing in ceremonies at city hall.
    Jason Cason

  • Avery Baker runs for Levy School Board, District 2

    Avery Baker announced his candidacy for Levy County School Board, District 2.
    He writes, “My name is Avery Baker and I am campaigning for the School Board of Levy County, District 2 seat.  I have lived in Levy County for over 25 years and I feel I have the appropriate qualities and experience to be an effective school board member and to govern with the best interest of the students and employees of the Levy County schools in mind.

  • Rotary Youth Camp: 14 days of fun for those with disabilities

    This year will mark 18 summers that youth with disabilities will have a chance to be like other children when Rotary Youth Camp kicks into gear.
    Supported by the Rotary Clubs in District 6940, including the Williston club, the camp will be the home-away-from-home for at least 80 campers from Florida and Georgia.
    Leslie Smith, the camp’s executive director, updated Williston Rotarians Tuesday on the efforts–and struggles–of the camp to provide outdoor opportunities for children whose disabilities range from moderate to severe.