Local News

  • Shoemaker, Goodman to square off for council seat

     Voters in the city of Williston will head to the polls Tuesday to mark ballots for either the incumbent, Michael Shoemaker or his challenger, Charles Goodman, to fill the Group D seat on the city council.

  • Tim Browning seeks election to judge post

    Tim Browning announced this week his intent to seek election to the Levy County judge position.

    In an announcement letter, Browning wrote, “I am announcing my candidacy to remain your Levy County Judge, a position I have had the honor to hold for over the past two years.

  • Noel Desmond to run for sheriff

    Noel Desmond has announced his intention to run for Levy County Sheriff. In an announcement letter, he wrote:

    “My name is Noel Desmond and I am a candidate for the Levy County Sheriff. 

    “Everyone would like to see a positive, upbeat campaign from candidates but a candidate must also be truthful to the voting public. With that thought in mind, allow me to say, I have been a Levy County resident for the past 32 years. 

  • Moratorium on impact fees passes

    Ladies and gentlemen, entrepreneurs of all kinds, get your hammers and blueprints and head to Williston where for one year you can build your dream home or a business and not have to pay the city’s water and sewer impact fees.
    At Tuesday night’s meeting, the city council in a 3-1 vote with Brooks Holloway opposed and Norm Fugate absent, voted to put a one-year moratorium on impact fees in an effort to encourage new growth within the city limits.

  • Mary O'Banyoun Abdullah:

    You may have seen her at a Friends of the Library event, or playing the didgeridoo with her husband, Amir, at one of  Williston’s schools.
    What you may not know is the path that brought Mary O’Banyoun-Abdullah to Levy County is one rich in history, family, adventure and travel.
    In the 1700s, Mary’s ancestors were brought to the colonies on slave ships from the west coast of Africa.

  • Devon Roberts shoots his way to Nebraska

    It started with Levi Dean.

    A friend of Hunter Roberts, Levi was a marksman and introduced his friend to the sport of shooting.

    While Hunter honed his skills, little brother Devon was  watching from the wings and waiting for his turn.

    When it finally came, about five years ago, Devon moved past air rifle, .22 and shotgun, and settled on his passion–the muzzleloader, a primitive weapon from which a projectile is loaded and fired from the muzzle of the gun.

  • Red Devils advance to Regional final

    The Williston Red Devil boy's basketball team defeated  the Mount Dora Hurricanes  70-62 Tuesday night at the Bronson gym in the Regional Semifinal game.
    The Red Devils fell behind early in the first quarter 10-2 behind a fast and aggressive Hurricane team, forcing Red Devil Head Coach Steve Faulkner to call a quick time out.
    The Red Devils answered the call with a 23-2 run as they pressured the Hurricanes on defense and began to find the basket on offense.

  • Red Devils win regional quarterfinal

    The Williston Red Devils won the regional quarterfinal game 70-64 against Trinity Catholic Thursday night in Bronson.

    The Red Devils will play the Mount Dora Hurricanes, a 67-46 winner over Bradford in their quarterfinal game. Game time for the regional semifinal game is 7 p.m . Tuesday, Feb. 21 in Bronson.



  • Star Gazing

    by Lisa Statham Posteraro

    Special to the Pioneer

  • Airport changes could bring in more revenues

    The design phase of airport enhancements is happening at no cost to the city of Williston. Once complete, if funding can be found to bring the design to fruition,  the improvements could help bring additional revenues to the airport.

    At last week’s meeting, Williston City Council members heard from Don Ramdass who is overseeing the preliminary designs for a taxiway, a new corporate hangar area and new aprons.