Local News

  • County contests Medicaid bill

    Levy County will join other counties and the Florida Association of Counties in challenging the new  law that allows the state to take money to pay Medicaid bills out of state tax collections before they are sent on to the counties and to bill for 10 years of contested bills.
    The County Commissioners unanimously approved spending $1,000 to join the lawsuit.
    The Legislature passed House Bill 5301 which changes the way the state collects on Medicaid bills. Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill into law on March 23.

  • Medical fund established for Bethaney Swanson

    Bethaney Swanson, a long-time Williston resident and real estate agent, has been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs.
    The surgery she needs is not covered by her insurance. The cancer is spreading quickly and she needs the procedure as soon as possible.
    A fund has been set up at Perkins State Bank for donations to help with her medical expenses.
    Checks can be made payable to Bethaney Swanson, Medical Account and friends asked for prayers and support.
    For more information, contact Sharon Brannan, CPA, 528-6558.

  • Recycling still on hold

    Levy County officials are still in a holding pattern waiting for the state Department of Corrections to sign off on a contract to provide inmate labor for the recycling program at the county landfill.
    County Coordinator Fred Moody said he he still waiting on the contract to come from the state to restart the inmate work crew program and the recycling program.

  • Touching Moment

    Just east of Williston on Hwy. 27A, some of the finest horseflesh in the nation comes every winter to showcase talent, lineage and beauty in the annual Horse Shows in the Sun (HITS) competition.
    This year spectactors not only got a sampling of all HITS promises, they also witnessed a bit of shock and awe as a Williston Thoroughbred out-performed, out-shined and out-classed dozens of warmblood competitors to take first place in the Jumper 2 Circuit.

  • Groundwater levels continue to plummet

    While scientists, policy makers and stakeholders alike disagree on how to address the issue of Florida’s water, one thing is certain: It continues to become less available.

    Drought is part of the problem. The Suwannee River Water Management District, which manages 14 counties in Northern Florida, reports an overall rainfall deficit of about 16 inches for the last year, which, from April to March, has been the “driest April March period since 1932.”

  • Trading waste for $

    The city of Williston could pad its coffers with a little extra money as early as next year if a plan presented to the city council Tuesday comes to pass.

    Merrell Bros., an Indiana-based biosolid management group, is working with EarthSciences to possibly operate a facility near the airport to treat waste before it enters the city’s sewage system.

    The service is marketed primarily to haulers who pump septic tanks.

  • Williston City Council meets Tuesday at 7 p.m .
  • Gov. Scott signs road bill

    Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Friday that will name three different sections of Levy County roads for residents who died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the state Department of Transportation will be cresting the signs to designate the roads and setting official dedication dates. 

    The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Leonard Bembry (D-Madison), was unanimously approved  by the Florida Legislature during the session that ended on March 9.

    To be honored with road designations are:

  • Tri-County Pregnancy Center

    Hundreds of babies throughout the area are here today because of the tireless efforts of the staff and volunteers at Tri-County Pregnancy Center in Williston.

    Started in 1995 by Leah Winters, the Center has but one goal–to foster life.

    Debra Dewitt, in her fourth year as the Center’s director, explains that the organization, located on Noble Avenue, is an outreach ministry of Jesus.

    “We are life affirming,” she said, “and we are supported by churches, private donors and fund-raisers.”

  • John Meeks seeks county commission seat, District One

    John Meeks announced his candidacy for Levy County Commissoner, District One.

    In a statement, Meeks wrote, “Citizens and friends of Levy County, my name is John Meeks and I wish to represent you as your next District One County Commissioner.  After a lot of prayer and discussion with my immediate family I decided to pursue my lifelong goal to represent the people of Levy County.