Local News

  • Surge is big worry in a storm

    The state emergency management director told the Levy County Commission on Tuesday that being prepared is important, but because of the nature of the county’s coastline the biggest danger in a storm of category 5 is the surge.

  • Jack Screws sworn in to fill Fugate’s unexpired council term

    Jack Screws became the newest Williston City Council member Tuesday night when he was appointed to the Group A post.

    Screws replaces Norm Fugate, who resigned two weeks ago.

    Gail Poupard-Brown, a notary public, administered the oath of office and Screws immediately took his seat on the council.

    He will also begin serving his own two-year term in April as the lone qualifying candidate for the position.

  • Seniors: ‘Hell no, we won’t go’

    Tempers raged and emotions were raw last week when clients of the Williston Senior Center learned that major changes were coming Feb. 1 to the place they consider their home away from home.

    The center, funded by grants from the Suwannee River Economic Council (SREC), has been meeting in the Thompson Hall at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church for more than 16 years.

    According to Janice Owen, director of client services for SREC, the location is primarily for meal distribution to ensure seniors have access to hot, nutritious meals five days a week.

  • Pioneer of the Year 2012

    When the oh-too-familiar-theme from The Andy Griffith Show echoes from a cell phone, you know at once without looking up that Dennis Strow has entered the room.

    Like Matt Dillon in the olden days of Dodge City, there’s a swagger when he approaches but it’s not born of arrogance, but rather confidence, experience and happiness. It’s a gait that fits good law men of all types–Matt Dillon and Dennis Strow alike.

  • Human remains found in Otter Creek identified

    The remains found by hunters in Rosewood Jan. 18 have been identified as Deanna Lee Stires, 18, of Hernando County.
    Detectives from both Levy and Hernando are working to determine the cause of death.


  • City election cancelled

    Final Candidates for Williston City Council:
    Jack Screws - Group A
    Elihu Ross - Group B
    Cal Byrd - Group C

    Debra Jones withdrew Thursday.
    The election is cancelled due to lack of opposition.

  • Governor will consider springs restoration money

    Millions of dollars could be funneled toward springs protection and restoration projects in the state if approved by the governor later this year.

  • STARS Gala is Feb. 2

     The Levy County Schools Foundation (LCSF) will host its annual Gala  Saturday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m., (doors open at 5:30) at the Bronson High School.  

  • Fugate’s brief council stint raised awareness

    Norm Fugate’s political career was short-lived–less than two years–but according to the former Williston councilman, it was never intended to be something to carry into the retirement years.

  • Vigil will honor Newtown victims

     It’s been a month since a shooter entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. and forever changed the lives of the town’s 27,000 residents and the nation that felt its pain.

    This Saturday, Jan. 19 people will gather in Williston’s Heritage Park to honor and pay tribute to the 27 victims during a candlelight vigil at 7 p.m.

    Participants are asked to bring their own candles and to wear green and white, the school’s colors, for the vigil that is expected to last less than an hour.