Law and Courts

  • Drunk drivers can’t hide in Halloween costumes
  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 10-27

    Oct. 22,Ayotte, Jamie Chez, of Cedar Key, dis. intox. in public, tresppassing, $5,000 bond.

    Oct. 21, Bandt, David The following information was taken from LCSo reports:

    • Oct. 22,Ayotte, Jamie Chez, of Cedar Key, dis. intox. in public, tresppassing, $5,000 bond.

    •  Oct. 21, Bandt, David Adam, of Archer, sentenced weekender.

    • Oct. 21, Brown, Brin Anthony, of Archer, sentenced weekender.

  • Levy County Sheriffs Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff  Office reports the following arrests:

    July 18, Jack Smith Jr., 41, DUI alcohol or drugs.

    Oct. 10, Kenneth Purdom, 22, High Springs,  two out of county warrants.

    Oct. 14, Samuel Scott Deloach, 40, disorderly intoxication in public place causing disturbance. Bond $1,000.

    Oct. 14, Kathryn Jane Shroka, 25, two out of county warrants. Bond $12,000.

    Oct. 15, Rachael Lynn Gilbert, 38, Gainesville, DUI alcohol or drugs. Bond $5,000.

  • Two charged with theft in check cashing scheme

    Staff Report

    The man who attempted to steal a jar earmarked for charity at the Kangaroo store on Noble Avenue, Williston Oct. 5, is now facing additional charges for co-conspiring with a Williston woman to fraudulently cash checks.

    According to the Williston Police Department, Michael Wayne Aurilio, 28, of Dunnellon and Asia Monique Frazier, 28, of First Avenue, Williston, are facing multiple charges for theft and uttering forged instruments.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    Oct. 7, Eddie Gene Barley, 67, Orlando, VOP.
    Oct. 3, Joseph Barr, 30, Chiefland, battery. Bond $30,000.
    Oct. 5, Jerald Samuel Billups, 35, Inglis, trespassing. Bond $2,000.
    Oct. 3, Joseph Boleman, 28, Morriston, schedule marijuana. Bond $25,000.
    Oct. 9, Howard Eugene Brown, 48, two counts battery. Bond $30,000.
    Oct. 8, Jessie Colton Davis, 22, Bell, disorderly intoxication in a public place causing disturbance. Bond $1,000.

  • Sheriff's Report Oct. 6

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    Sept. 29, Terry Lee Arnold, 38, Inglis, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
    Sept. 26, Beverly Sue Bellomy, 44, Williston, obstruction w/o violence.
    Sept. 28, Christopher Lee Brunelle, 20, Williston, petit theft, damage to property. Bond $35,000.
    Sept. 26, Fredrick Alvin Charles, 33, Inglis, DWLSR. Bond $500.
    Sept. 27, Terrel Eugene Dexter, 48, Lakeland, non support of children or spouse. Bond $750.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 9-29-2011

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Sept. 25, Jerry Lee Allen, 29, Trenton, aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability. Bond $40,000.

    Sept. 24, Francisco Penilla-Alvarez, 29, Williston, operating motor vehicle without a license. Bond $5,000.

    Sept. 23, Chastity Falia Anderson, 34, Williston, VOP.

    Sept. 25, Michael Arthur Chase, 20, Gainesville, battery.

    Sept. 25, Gary Mason Clark, 32, Chiefland, VOP.

  • Levy officer brings home bronze



    Hurricane Irene couldn’t stop Tom Martin from competing in the 2011 World Fire and Police Games in New York City.

    With Irene canceling flights up and down the East Coast late last month, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office corporal took matters into his own hands. When Martin finished his nightshift on Aug. 27, he jumped into a car with his wife, Sarah, and headed north.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests:
    Sept. 12, Jeffrey Steven Baggett, 36, Bronson, VOP.
    Sept. 16, Jessica Danielle Barlow, 23, Gainesville, FTA.
    Sept. 16, Walter Alexander Burns, 40, Chiefland, trespassing. Bond $2,500.
    Sept. 13, Everett Troy Crawford, 46, Chiefland, VOP.
    Sept. 12, James Russell Crawford, 22, Old Town, petit theft. Bond $1,000.
    Sept. 12, Libbi Rose Eilola, 27, Inglis, three VOP.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    Sept. 3, James Bradford, 27, Williston, out of county warrant. Bond $789.
    Aug. 31, Carmen Buffardi, 41, Philadelphia, Pa., brawling/fighting. Bond $40,000.
    Aug. 29, Del-Valle Cifuentes, 26, Williston, operating a motor vehicle without a valid DL.
    Aug. 30, Earnest Clay Collins, 39, Old Town, DWLSR. Bond $2,000.
    Aug. 31, Jeffery Alan Cowart, 39, Williston, DWLSR, out of county warrant. Bond $1,000.