Law and Courts

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    Sept. 23, Reginald Ventrell Adams, 50, Chiefland, disorderly intoxication, possession of marijuana.
    Sept. 23, Tanjua Carolina Alston, 36, Chiefland, DUI. Bond $2,500.
    Sept. 18, Brandy Enjoli Brady, 29, Spring Hill, disorderly intoxication, obstruction W/OV. Bond $6,000.
    Sept. 19, Shea Jacob Colson, 22, Gulf Hammock, two counts VOP.
    Sept. 18, Jonathan Thomas Cooper, 25, Homasassa, disorderly intoxication, obstruction W/OV, out of county warrants. Bond $6,000.
    Sept. 17, Frank Daly, 42, Kansas City, Mo., out of county warrant.

  • Levy courts hand down sentences

    The following people were sentenced in Levy County courts in April and May 2012:

    Claytin Ezrha Adams, larceny between $300-$5,000 and trespassing, 270 days with credit for 2 days served, on each, served concurrently. Must pay civil judgment and jail fund. 

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 9-20

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Sept. 11, Gary Patrick Chung, 58, Dunnellon, two VOP. Bond $30,000.

    Sept. 11, Heather Corbett, 20, Trenton, battery on officer, firefighter or EMT w/v, carrying an electric weapon. Bond $65,000.

    Sept. 9, Angela Renee Delafe, 44, Inglis, possession of controlled substance w/o prescription. Bond $25,000.

    Sept. 14, Melissa Corinne Fellhauer, 29, Inglis, VOP. Bond $2,000.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    Sept. 9, Erica Sue Allen, 34, Inglis, possession of drug equipment.
    Sept. 5, Jesse Carroll Baggett, 32, Bronson, petit theft, possession of drug equipment, possession of marijuana. Bond $18,000.
    Sept. 4, Shellie Renee Bailey, 36, FTA. Bond $2,000.
    Sept. 4, David Donald Bezanson, 34, Inglis, out of county warrant. Bond $5,000.
    Sept. 4, Gerald David Browning, 31, Trenton, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment. Bond $1,500.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports, 9-6

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Aug. 28, Jamie Marie Barr, 18, Newberry, violating injunction repeat sex date violation. Bond $50,000.

    Sept. 1, Manolo Herrera Barrera, 33, Ocala, no DL, failure to register motor vehicle.

    Sept. 1, Robert Batman, 52, Lakeland, disorderly intoxication. Bond $2,000.

    Sept. 2, Michael Blough, 33, Inglis, assault with deadly weapon without intent to kill. Bond $15.000.

    Aug. 31, Derrick Colon, 27, Bronson, battery. Bond $5,000.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Report

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    Aug. 26, Deborah Maggeline Booker, 21, Ocala, two counts possession of forgery, uttering false bank bill, possession of drug equipment, passing counterfeit bank bill, petit theft. Bond $101,000.
    Aug. 20, Randall Brouillard, 60, Bronson, battery. Bond $5,000.
    Aug. 22, William Edward Carter Jr., 38, Williston, two counts VOP, DUI. Bond $5,000.
    Aug. 26, Jeffrey Ruric Cobb, 49, out of county warrant, possession of weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon. Bond $2,000.

  • Sheriff's Reports 8-23

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    Aug. 17, Jonathan Maurice Allen, 24, Chiefland, possession of a synthetic narcotic, five counts selling within 1,000 feet of a place of worship, two counts use of a two-way device to facilitate a felony, five counts assault, possession of cocaine, tampering, fleeing and specific felony that  act could cause death. Bond  $5,775,000.

    Aug. 18, Barbara Ann Brewster, 48, Inglis, out of county warrant. Bond $2,000.

  • Chiefland offender held on $6 million bond

    A Chiefland man is being held on a $6 million bond following a series of incidents Aug. 17 that included a high speed chase, assault and attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 8-16

    The following information is taken from Levy County Sheriff's Office arrest reports:


    Aug. 9, Beech, David Lee, of Chiefland, Battery touch or strike. $20,000 bond.

    Aug. 12, Boykin, Brandon Travon, of Archer, no valid license.

    Aug. 11, Boykin William Tay, of Trenton, four counts grand theft less than $5,000, marijuana poss. more than 20 grams, Drug equipment, trespassing. $23,000 bond.

    Aug. 10, Brown, Germain Rommell, of Ocala, sentenced weekender.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 8-9

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests:

    July 31, Nadia Behrens, 21, Bronson, out of county warrant.

    Aug. 4, Raymond Crouch, 40, Old Town, driving on permanently revoked DL, license plate not assigned, possession methamphetamine, deliver methamphetamine, possession drug equipment, refuse to accept citation. Bond $96,500.

    Aug. 1, Richard William Deemer, 22, Sarasota, burglary, petit theft, out of county warrant. Bond $30,000.