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  • Synthetic pot is illegal

    Staff Report

    K-2, Spice, Bath Salts–all innocent sounding, but if you live in Florida you need to know they’re anything but, and they’re all illegal.

    On March 23, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law that these synthetic substances are a significant threat to health and public safety. The chemicals found in the synthetic substances are now Schedule I drugs in which the purchase, sale or distribution can result in a felony arrest.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 4-12

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    April 4, Ray Conela Adcock, 61, Chiefland, VOP. Bond $5,000.

    April 5, Charles Anthony Baugh, 63, Bronson, DWLSR. Bond $5,000.

    April 8, Berky Edmund, 60, Gainesville, out of county warrant.

    April 2, Erica Norma Bowman, 21, Chiefland, affray.

    April 4, Mallory Brochetti, 20, Williston, possession of marijuana. Bond $500.

  • Highland County fugitive caught in Montbrook

     The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Benjamin Monroe Hamilton for an outstanding Highland County warrant.
     The Task Force Unit received a collateral lead that Hamilton was living in Levy County.  Hamilton has been on the run since 1996 and was living in the Montbrook area under the name Benjamin Crawford. 
    Hamilton was allegedly involved in a bar brawl. The fight led to the parking lot and Hamilton ran the victim over with a vehicle seriously injuring him.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    March 27, Deontra Andrews, 36, Panama City, three out of county warrants. Bond $11,800.
    March 27, Jeffrey Steven Baggett, 36, Bronson, possession of ammo or ammo by convicted felon. Bond $15,000.
    April 1, Roger Frederick Bartell, 55, Cedar Key, battery. Bond $5,000.
    March 31, Maurice Antwain Brown, 19. Chiefland, battery.
    April 1, Brett Byers, 40, St. Petersburg, battery.
    April 2, Amanda Dora Cofield, 24, Fanning Springs, petit theft. Bond $1,000.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports 3-29

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

    March 22, Austin Ryan Bouten, 20, Williston, lewd and lascivious behavior on a victim. Bond $100,000.

    March 22, Crystal Elaine Braswell, 29, Old Town, VOP.

    March 22, Spencer McSwain Colson, 28, Newberry, obstruction, fleeing/eluding. Bond $65,000.

    March 23, Ashley Nicole Coronado, 23, Bronson, VOP. Bond $10,000.

    March 19, Jeanne Cutrona-Vera, 52, Morriston, out of county warrant. Bond $2,000.

  • Levy County Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    March 13, Janette Aleksandrovic, 36, Hazelton, Pa., two counts possession methamphetamine, listed chemical for manufacture controlled substance, possession of drug equipment. Bond $185,000.
    March 17, Michael Allen, 22, Fanning Springs, burglary, petit theft, altering public records. Bond $8,500.

  • Levy County Sheriff

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
    March 6, Jerry Donovan Arnold, 34, Inglis, two out of county warrants.
    March 6, Lloy Frances Balboni, 42, Old Town, possession of drug equipment, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver, abuse without great harm to child, possession of controlled substance without a prescription. Bond $60,000.
    March 9, Tiffany E. Berry, 40, Bronson, battery.
    March 6, Clayton Thomas Cannon, 33, Dunnellon, out of county warrant.

  • Levy deputies earn promotions

    Two Levy County deputies have a change of duties.
    Sgt. Perry Ott has been promoted to lieutenant in the Uniform Patrol Division.  His duties as Watch Commander are to supervise the Alpha Company and assist in executive decisions within the agency.
      Ott began his career with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office in 1989.  He is a native Floridian and lives in the Chiefland area.  During Ott’s tenure, he has worked in the Uniform Patrol Division.

  • Levy County Sheriff

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the  following arrests:
    March 4, Stephen Michael Baker, 20, Inglis, battery. Bond $30,000.
    March 1, Constance Bergey,  24, Boca Raton, two VOP. Bond $5,000.
    Feb. 29, Craig Alfonzo Brown,  39, Williston, FTA. Bond $1,000.
    March 3, Kenneth Cowart, 18, Williston, burglary and grand theft. Bond $60,000.
    March 2, Harold Monroe Dallas, 24, Williston, possession of marijuana.
    Feb. 28, Bryce James Delury, 30, Williston, dealing in stolen property and grand theft. Bond $30,000.

  • If it sounds too good to be true

    By Clay Connolly

    Special to the Pioneer

     Each morning cases come across my desk for review and I see the ways that folks are victimized by others seeking money through a variety of sources. The gamut ranges from charitable contributions to classified ads and the result is that frequently folks are getting diminished or zero return on their money. This, in a time when money is universally tight. If we are to avoid these scams, we need to get smarter about our responses.