Today's Features

  • We are officially into the holiday party season now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Groups, families and employers everywhere are planning their annual gatherings and celebrations.

    Every such event will have one central theme - food. As far back as time goes, a feast has always been the way to fellowship and celebrate with those around us.

  • I?ve been scratching my head enough years trying to figure out what sort of oak trees grow around here, what trees I?m passing on my walks.

    So, to the books. I checked out from the library a tree book that includes keys to pinpoint exactly what tree is in front of me. And it?s full of Latin names!

    If you haven?t wrangled with one of these devices, the key is essentially a list of features that you compare with the tree you are trying to identify.

    It works as a process of elimination.

  • Well, even nature observers get kolds in their doses sometimes. I go on a trip?I get a cold. A pattern is emerging here.

    Both times to Europe I come back either already with a cold or I developed one soon after.

    This was my first road trip in years and ... you know the rest.

    The column still had to be written despite sneezing, coughing, dripping and general malaise. A friend, Alice, was willing to take me on a day trip to explore an unknown, to me, conservation area in Gainesville. There are several of these little pieces of land set aside for nature.

  • This Thanksgiving weekend you will want to have lots of baked goods on hand for your own family and any visiting relatives and friends. In addition to the traditional pumpkin, apple and pecan pies that followed the delicious turkey dinner you served; you may want a few extras to serve with coffee in the morning or as an evening snack.

  • I know the color of fall leaves can be pretty in our area, but my whole concept of autumn got reworked after visiting Tennessee the first week of November. I'd forgotten just how breathtakingly beautiful fall scenery can be.

  • Last week I emphasized the importance of starting holiday baking early and being prepared before you start. If you follow these two guidelines, your time spent in the kitchen will be enjoyable and you will have delicious offerings to show for it.