You don’t have to wear the blue jacket to support FFA

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

There’s more to being an FFA Alumni than well, being an alumnus.

Last week, Camille Thompson told Williston Rotary the often unknown part of the group’s name is “Supporters.”

“You do not have to have worn the blue jacket to be a member,” Thompson, president of Williston FFA Alumni and Supporters said.

Thompson and her sister, Emily King, the club’s vice president educated Rotarians, many of them former FFA members, with the role of agriculture in Levy County.

To date there are 1,018 farms in Levy County, Thompson said, and those farms earn about $76 million a year from agricultural products.

Levy County ranks first in Florida for corn grown for grain, second in aquaculture and third for peanuts and corn silage–corn that is grown, cut green and allowed to ferment to be fed to dairy cows.

Of the 40,000 Levy County residents, only 481 people list their primary vocation as farmer while 537 list it as their secondary career.

The FFA Alumni support agricultural education both in schools and in the community to raise awareness about its importance. The group also serves as a fundraising mechanism for the schools’ FFA chapters and as a resource to FFA teachers who can’t be everywhere or do it all. Many alumni assist with coaching/advising several FFA teams, Thompson said.

The club is 89 members strong and is the third largest chapter in the state. Dues are $15 annually, she said, and new members with time and talent are needed.

For more information or to join Williston FFA Alumni and Supporters, call King at 490-1486 or remit $15 to: 

Emily King

2911 NE 172 Ave.

Williston, FL 32696