WPD wants your drugs

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The Williston Police Department will be participating in the National Prescription Take Back Day on April 30. 

An officer will be standing by in the parking lot of the Police Department from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Saturday, April 30 to assist in the collection of unwanted, outdated or excess prescription drugs. 

Citizens can dispose of their unwanted prescriptions legally and safely with anonymity and without documentation. 

Pills and solid medications will be removed from their containers and the containers destroyed. Liquid medications should remain in their sealed bottles or containers and the labels removed or obscured. Injectible medications will not be collected for safety reasons.

This event is the second such event sponsored by DEA. Last year DEA collected 121 tons of pills, nationwide. 

Each day 2,500 teens get high on prescription drugs. Many of those drugs were found in their parents medical cabinets at home. Much of those drugs were expired, unused, unnecessary or unwanted by the people to whom they were prescribed. The Williston Police Department encourages people to search their medicine cabinets for drugs they no longer need and turn them in to us so they can be safely and legally disposed.

No records will be kept about anyone disposing of their drugs in this manner. In fact we really don’t want or require the prescription bottles after the drugs are collected. Please stop by our office at 5 SW Main Street on this date and take the opportunity to make your home and our streets a little safer by responsibly disposing of your unwanted prescription drugs. Thank you very much.