Working together to spread Christmas cheer

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 To the editor:

   When a friend, Ruth Whitman, told me about what these wonderful coworkers, April Watson and Joyce Doyle, employees of Monterey Boats in Williston, wanted to so fo Christmas, we knew this was what Chirstmas was all about.

An idea that started as a spark turned into a blazing fire.

There is a homeless camp of approximately 30 people, eight dogs and a few cats in Sweetwater near Gainesville where they live in tents with no water or electricity.

We have already made a few trips to this camp, bringing them supplies and food and much needed water and warm clothes, blankets, tarps, batteries etc. but on Dec. 21, we all gathered with home cooked food, goodies and drinks and set up tables and ate a Christmas dinner with these new friends and distributed five truckloads of much needed supplies.

April and Joyce, along with their families, have been so kind as to pick up one of the homeless friends, Rebecca, for church on Saturday and she was very proud to  be able to dress in her newly donated clothes and go with these families to church. 

There are a few veterans who have served our country also living here, along with the many others who were very appreciative of everything they received.

We were all brought to tears by the generosity of those who surround us. None of this would have been possible without the help of every single person who was involved.

Give all the glory to God.

Many of the homeless kept saying they wished they could do something for us in return, but the joy we get just from serving others is plenty enough.

We could have never in our  wildest dreams pictured this becoming what it did, but we were faithful and God showed up!

Thank you so so so very much to all who helped and/or made donations.   All the neighbors, friends  and family that donated, food, water,  time, money, blankets, clothes and yes, even the dogs and cats  were  treated with food, toys, treats and bowls. 

Imagine  if  every  person  could  do  just  ONE  good thing for another  person every day,  how goodthe world would be.

We  plan  on making more  trips  to  bring them  supplies in the new  year.

Diane Marchand