Williston teen tours Europe as ambassador in People to People Program

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By The Staff

WOW! That’s all I can really say. Europe was awesome, though it was kinda dirty and there were a lot of beggars and people wanting to steal stuff it was still nice and beautiful.

As a quick overview these are the things that I did on my trip. The first day after about a 10-hour flight, we arrived in Paris in the morning so we stayed up about 36 hours straight just looking around and getting to know the delegates with us.

On the fourth day we started out by visiting the Eiffel Tower and walking to the top the view was like no other even though it was cloudy and cold.

Soon after getting done there we went to see the Louvre and visited the Mona Lisa (that thing is not as big as you think) and also the Winged Victory.

We also played some sports with the French kids in the area. This evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for a little taste of home. That night we left for Venice on a over night train.

On Day Five we went in a gondola around Venice. We then watched a glassmaker make a horse and a vase then we were off for Florence.

On Day Six we got to see so much art from the Renaissance. We also saw the 14-foot tall David in the Accademia Gallery. We also got to visit the American cemetery and memorial.

On Day Seven we visited Pisa and saw the Leaning Tower, though it does not lean much. It was still a sight to see.

Day Eight we went to see the Coloseum in Rome then visited the ancient ruins of the Forum.

On the morning of Day Nine we saw the Vatican and the Pope. After lunch we went to the Sistine Chapel. While doing our scavenger hunt in Rome I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain and also got lost. The police around there were sending us in circles.

We then spent all of Day 10 walking around Pompeii and seeing the homes and artifacts. Day 11 we hiked up to the top of Mt. Vesuvius, which had buried Pompeii in A.D. 79 while on the mountain we got some really great views even though we were covered in clouds most of the time. It was still wonderous.

Day 12 we lounged around until jumping an overnight ferry to Patras.

On the morning of Day 13 I woke up about an hour or so to early so I went out and looked over the edge of the boat and got to see a sea turtle.

After getting off the ferry we did some shopping and looking around Patras.

Day 14 was one of the best when we went to Olympia and got to see where they light the Olympic Torch for the games.

After looking at the ruins we got to run the original Olympic track though not naked like they used to do it.

On Day 15 we went to a Greek theater and got to see how the acoustics were and then saw the canal of Corinth, what a marvel.

Day 16 we visited the Acropolis built in 5th century B.C. then went to the Parthenon once home to a 40’ statue of Athena.

Day 17 we went to the beach. A few of us got stung by a jellyfish but it was worth it. The water was so clear you could see the bottom 35 feet below. We explored the island we were on (Aegina). Then we went for some Greek dance lessons and got to eat with the Greeks.

That evening we also enjoyed the sunset over the Aegean Sea. On our last two days, we got to hangout with the people to people family and got ready to go.

Day 20 was our day on the plane. After 12 hours or so we got back to the states.

So glad to have been back though I had to leave most of the people I had lived with over the 20 days as most were from other states.

I would like to thank the people who helped make this happen.

My grandma, Joan Moore; my uncle, Richard Moore; my father, Frank Moore; my dad’s boss, Lalla Tompkins; my dad’s girlfriend, Jamie Procter; good friends from Everglade City, Rob and Terresa;_Pam Williams of Gainsville; Dana Moxley of Kids N’ Co where I went to daycare; Chris Cagel of Country Music;_Ms.Cathy of Capitol City Bank; Mr.Cason of Perkins Financial; NAPA of Williston and Freddy Bell of B&G. Without ya’ll there was no way this was happening.