A Williston Pioneer Editorial

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By The Staff

It’s no secret. Times are tough for local businesses. While the national and state news continues to broadcast concerns of a faltering economy, you really don’t even have to tune in to know that.

All you have to do is take a walk down just about any main street.

From your favorite pizzeria to your local hair salon, businesses are feeling the pinch of a weakened economy. People just aren’t eating out as often as they did. They’re going longer between haircuts. Many people are squeezing every cent that they can from their dollars.

The result is that throughout the business community, people are making changes to meet the challenges presented by lagging sales.

We’re no different here at the Williston Pioneer.

As with most newspapers, there aren’t as many pages inside. There aren’t as many ads to peruse. Just as customers hold back from spending for goods and services, newspaper advertisers hold back from spending for advertising.

The resulting loss of revenue brings new challenges to the community. It brings new challenges to the Pioneer to bring you the local news you need. It brings challenges to the car mechanic down the road who is struggling to keep his doors open.

We are right to spend less and save more. But it’s also important for us to remember that where we spend the money we do spend makes a difference.

If money has to be spent, we’re all better off if we take that money to our neighbor’s business, to the roadside stand, to the restaurants downtown.

This week, and every week, the Williston Pioneer is filled with ads from people just like you–people who support the local economy and want to see their neighbors flourish.

Never before has it been more important to shop locally. Spending at local businesses won’t change this economic crisis overnight, but it will help.

Supporting a local business does more than just provide that business with a few more dollars, with enough support, it also can launch a way to help improve the entire community.