Williston Chamber ready to move

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By Jim Clark

The Williston Chamber of Commerce is apparently about to move.

The City Council Tuesday night approved a six-month use of the annex building on Southwest Seventh Street by the Chamber. By that time, a decision on a new City Hall location should have been made, opening up other possibilities for the business organization.

Justin Head, president of the Chamber, was an addition to the agenda, and told the council that the current office on South Main Street "is a little more costly than we can afford."

City Manager Jim Coleman said that the annex is "under utilized," during the discussion about helping the Chamber.

The Chamber board was scheduled to meet today (Thursday) to make a final decision, but a move is likely.

In other business, the oft-discussed ordinance to abolish the Airport Committee, tabled at the last meeting, was tabled again, this time indefinitely.

The council, in its relatively short meeting, also discussed the status of tables at Johnny T. Henry Park, finally deciding to have four new tables built, which would be anchored in place, and those would be used for reservations first, then on a first-come first-served basis, as the existing two tables are now.

Coleman thanked various people, including the city, for helping with the Easter egg hunt, which drew about 300 children.

In the discussion of the park, Mayor Gerald Hethcoat commented that "it was nice to see it full," and Council President Debra Jones, noting the constant use of the park, said she had even seen a volleyball game set up there.

The city also approved a change in the land lease for a restaurant at the airport, at the request of Carol Bibby. The lease, and payments, will not take effect until the permit from the Water Management District is issued.

The Northwood subdivision sewer plan was dropped after a brief discussion, and work is continuing on the speed tables for the area.

A revised plat for Golden Oaks Manor, outside the city but in the Municipal Services District, was approved, changing 11 parcels to seven, thereby lowering the density.

The council had a brief discussion on why the Williston Youth Athletic Association was not hooked up to a new well which had been drilled for irrigation purposes.

Councilman Jerry Robinson brought up the Tarmac Mine in southern Levy, which he said would increase truck traffic through town.

Cal Byrd noted that County Commissioner Lilly Rooks would be in Tallahassee Wednesday to testify against a bill which would take the right to regulate mining activity away from the county and give it to the state.