Where are all the nominees?

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Opinion from the editor

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

 Halloween will mark four years since Tom and I moved into our new home on the edge of the Williston Highlands.

Neither of us knew a lot about the city when we came here, nor did we know many people.

But thanks to my job at the Pioneer, and three years of meeting, greeting and getting about, I’ve made the acquaintance of many a good soul in the area.

That’s why when we decided to do the Pioneer of the Year Award–something that was done about 15 years ago–I knew we would be inundated with nominations from all walks of life and socio-economic strata.

I was wrong.

We’ve had a good smattering of nominees from several people, but people I thought would be nominated have not been. 

And that surprises me.

Without hestitation, I can name at least 10 people I think are worthy to carry what we consider to be a prestigious mantle–Pioneer of the Year.

If I really concentrated, I could come up with 10 more.

But it does me no good to think of those people I think deserve nominations, because I can’t make nominations. 

I have stayed removed from the process to ensure there is no bias on the newspaper’s part in the selection.

Each month, our judges–who do not live in Levy County–read the nomination letters and choose the person based solely on what the nomination letter says.

Each month, those who aren’t chosen get carried over into the next month.

That means if you nominated someone in February and they haven’t been a monthly winner yet, they are still in contention and their nomination is considered again and again.

But where are the rest of the nominees?

Several readers have told me when I meet them in the grocery or they come in to renew a subscription that they have someone in mind, but I haven’t seen proof of it on paper yet.

You do not have to be a skilled writer to tell us why you think someone exemplifies the pioneer spirit.

Three or four handwritten paragraphs or a half page of typed sentences is all that is needed to honor someone who is selfless, community-minded, strong, neighborly, busy. 

Surely you know someone like that, don’t you? 

I do. 

I think most of us know several people who are forever helping make Williston/Morriston a better place to live and never expect or get anything in return.

They deserve recognition and thanks.

Take the time this weekend to think who you know that is that unsung hero and then put pen to paper and tell us about it.

Two months remain in our contest.

Don’t let this opportunity go by to publicly say “Thank you for a job well done.” 

Carolyn Ten Broeck is the editor of the Williston Pioneer. Reach her at editor@willistonpioneer.com.