WAG needs your help

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To the editor:
     Williston Animal Group ( WAG) has saved the lives of nearly 3,000 dogs in our community.  Now it is time for the community to save the life of WAG.  Due to a greatly increased number of abandoned dogs, increased cost of food and medical treatments, WAG’s operating funds are rapidly being depleted.  
Two of our administrative volunteers are no longer available to do their job due to vocational changes. We have an immediate need for a president, secretary and volunteer coordinator.  In order to keep our doors open we need financial donations and volunteers to help with the daily care of the dogs at the shelter right NOW.
We are at a crossroads.  Either help us to keep our no kill shelter open or have the city of Williston euthanize the stray and lost dogs they pick up.
If you believe that WAG is of value to the dogs and the people of your community please open your hearts and your pocketbooks and give of your time and your money.
Currently we need 10 more volunteers and a $3,000 per month income stream.
Here is how you can help:
1.   $25 per month purchases 1 hose, 2 buckets, and other kennel items
2.   $30 per month feeds 2 dogs for a month
3.   $50 per month pays for marketing expenses.
4.   $100 per month covers heartworm medication for 4 dogs
5.   $125 per month covers the medical intake expenses of 1 dog
6.   $160 per month pays the utility bill
7.   $300 per month helps to pay for catastrophic medical bills.
8.   $500 per month will go to a capital fund to build an office.
9.     $500 per month guarantees hard to place dogs can stay as long as needed until       they find the best home.

If you believe abandoned, homeless dogs in our community deserve a second chance at life, please send your monthly donation to:
PO BOX 752
Williston, FL 32696

To volunteer please contact:
 Bill Parkhurst
352-528-3260 or941-661-8948

WAG is a 501c3.  All donations are tax deductible.