Unshakeable in the face of adversity

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By Keith Stewart

Scripture passage: Daniel 1:1-21

When adversity marches into your life, how do you react? When trials and tribulations begin to take hold, where do you go for help? If anyone in the Bible knew about adversity, it was the prophet Daniel. Taken from his homeland to serve in a pagan king’s court and later thrown into a hungry lion’s den, Daniel knew that life could throw you a curveball. Many Christians would have fallen apart in such conditions, but not Daniel. He remained unshakable in his commitment to God.

While examining chapter one of the book of Daniel, you will see ample evidence of the sovereign hand of God in the affairs of both nations and individuals. You will also see a teenager who remains unshakable in the face of adversity. Daniel is unshakable in his commitment, unshakable in his trust, and unshakable in his faith in God.

Adversity is never pleasant, but sometimes it’s possible to learn lessons from it that can be learned in no other way. What are some of the lessons concerning adversity that we can learn from Daniel’s example?

We learn that —-

Adversity can come at any age.

We know this to be true because many infants are born with medical problems. They may have come into this world addicted to drugs because their mother used them while she was pregnant. Many teenagers and young adults, especially in a bad economy face adversity at every corner. Furthermore, our senior adults can tell you something about adversity.

We learn that —-

When adversity does come, you need to remain faithful to God and completely trust in Him.

Whenever these trials and tribulations come, whenever you are faced with tough situations and tough times, God is your answer and strength. The Apostle Paul once commented, “Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me” (2 Cor. 12:9b, NKJV).

We learn that —-

The secret of being able to stand against sin, Satan, self, and the world is to stand with God.

Dear people, this world is full of adversities. We are faced with it because of sin, because of Satan, because of ourselves, and because the world itself is not a perfect place. All of it can be overwhelming, but then that is why God the Father sent His Son into this world. Because of Jesus Christ, you can stand with God.

Are you facing adversity in your life at this time? If you are, then you need to remember these lessons. They will be of great comfort to you as they were with Daniel, a man of unshakable commitment.

Keith Stewart is the pastor of Morriston Baptist Church.