Two county seats remain vacant: Why?

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Letter to the editor by Michelle Finnen

By The Staff


It is very concerning the vacancies on the Levy County Commission still sit vacant after almost four months of waiting for a decision from Tallahassee. Everyone should know by now two commissioners were indicted and suspended by the Governor in the middle of the 4th Quarter of 2008. It is now almost the end of February and there have not been any appointments to the positions. Every time we hear anything in the news the trials for the indicted commissioners has been pushed back. Our county is unable to conduct realistic day to day business and this has to stop. There can be no board dissention on any vote therefore no real discussion can take place; three votes are currently all there are and for anything to be discussed intelligently you need input from every district of the county. Right now my district (district 1) and District 3 do not have a voice. This is not only a huge concern for me but should be a real serious concern for all citizens of Levy County and our elected officials.

There are many matters at stake for the county that require more than just three sets of eyes and ears. We need to make our voices heard. In a county reported by the Florida Association of Counties to have 40,817 citizens, not many are making their voice heard. The current Florida Association of Counties (FAC) recognizes there are two vacancies on the Levy County Commission (http://www.fl-counties.com/aboutflco/counties_levma.shtml#levy ) why does Tallahassee not see it that way. They need to be filled.

One man, in my opinion, has proven and has to put forth the effort and has earned the opportunity to replace Tony Parker in District 1 and that man is Abraham Blitch! He earned 49% of the vote in the last election and spent countless hours personally talking to as many people as he could to listen to their concerns. I urge you to put your support behind a “People not Politics” candidate! Please call, write or email the Governor and your elected officials requesting the appointment. We need to get our voices heard and until the rest of the county wakes up takes some action, our pleas will continue to fall on deaf ears.

Please write, call, email, fax the Governor asking for his appointment of Abraham Blitch for District 1 NOW!


Citizen Services Hotline: (850) 488-4441

Executive Office of the Governor Switchboard: (850) 488-7146 ([Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET]

Email: Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com and Jeff.Kottkamp@MyFlorida.com


Office of Governor Charlie Crist

State of Florida

The Capitol

400 S. Monroe St.

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Fax: (850) 487-0801

Michelle Finnen

Levy County