Time for a change? Not here

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By Jim Clark

Remember about a year or so ago? There was going to be a revolt because of property taxes. A group was formed to create a charter government, part of which would include term limits. The people were up in arms.

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week. All the incumbents either won re-election or advanced to the general election. Thats right, all the incumbents.

The closest race was the one that probably has the least impact on your taxes ... that of sheriff, where Johnny Smith beat Bobby McCallum by a narrow margin.

So if youre a political hopeful, you almost have to be asking yourself, Why bother?

Other counties knocked out incumbents. Putnam County (Palatka) did it in a big way, sending both the school superintendent and the sheriff packing by wide margins.

Not in Levy County.

That doesnt necessarily mean we think the incumbents are bad people. It just seems rather strange that they win, again and again. That would seem to send a message that the people are happy with what they have, and yet the tone of the community at meetings and in letters doesnt bear that out.

But for a challenger, it has to be very disconcerting. Spending all that time and money for an election that many people say they can predict seems to be a waste. And thats too bad.

We still have a couple of races to go, races in which the Republicans were able to field candidates.

Of course, theres the race for school superintendent, which has no incumbent, which would seem to be the most wide open. But who knows.

The turnout was fair at 30.8 percent, probably better than some would expect in an off-date election, when the rest of the world is waiting for November. But for all those who didnt vote, dont complain later. You had your chance.

TV AND THE CONVENTION: Can someone tell me why the Democratic convention (and later, the Republican convention) is news? We all know how its going to turn out. I doubt if there will be any drama during the nomination process. The biggest change is now well be able to stop using the word presumptive in front of nominee.

But why do the networks spend millions of dollars going to cover these things? One camera with one announcer would seem to be sufficient.

Besides that, it messes up the TV schedules, although not as bad as in the past, since theyre not coming on the air until 10 p.m. on the main networks (but you can get an earlier fix on PBS and C-SPAN, etc.).

For me, I was happy watching my Mets play the Phillies this week, although after Tuesdays 13-inning loss, Im not so sure.

Jim Clark is the editor of the Williston Pioneer Sun News. He can be reached at editor@willistonpioneer.com or at 528-3343.