Their joints may creak but they can still swing

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WHS baseball alumni supports new crop of athletes

By Bryan Hoopaugh


A lot of  energy coupled with fierce competitive emotion took to the diamond Saturday during the WHS Baseball Booster Alumni Day–a fund-raiser for the baseball team.

Beginning at 10 a.m. with a scrimmage game between Williston and Bronson, activities ran throughout the day.

No score was kept during the scrimmage but Williston dominated during the game that allowed both teams to play for fun yet hone their skills.

Chicken lunches were available, a 50-50 drawing was held and there was an old timers’softball game, along with a softball pitch homerun derby.

After lunch, the Alumni Game began  with participants ranging from Tim Donald from the class of ’93 to Justin Baker and Max White from last year’s graduating class. The teams were chosen with odd year graduates on one team and even on the other.

Complete with homeruns from Jiwan James, Cecil Benton and a grand slam to deep left by Andrew Poupard in the second, fans were not let down by the action.

At the end of the scheduled six innings and after much teasing and laughter, the even year graduates proved victorious with a one run lead and the game ending odd team 10 and even team 11.

The home run derby was played by all ages and participants did not necessarily have to play in the alumni game to participate. Jamie Carlisle from the class of ’92 won the derby.

To close the day’s events was the softball game which consisted of participants from the class of ’12 all the way back to the class of ’90.

Max White was the youngest to participate while Dan VanBlaricum and Jamie King represented the class of ’90.

In addition to Williston alumni two honorary players also participated.

Jana VanBlaricum became the first female to participate in a WHS Alumni softball game and also became the first female to score a run against the boys!

John Rufalo was the other honorary member who pitched for the odd team at the young age of 78.

At the end of all the hoopla and good times the even team edged out the odd by two runs.

Jason Cason emceed the events throughout the day and made comical satire at each event which kept the fun rolling and a smile on the players’ faces as they were teased the entire way.

At the end of the day it would seem that it was good to have graduated in an even year as they won both baseball and softball.

 The proceeds from the fifty-fifty drawing were donated back to the boosters as Coach Hall had the winning ticket.