Thanks from local LARC

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By The Staff


The Board of Trustees, staff and consumers of the Levy Association for Retarded Citizens wish to thank everyone who came out to and participated in the LARC Softball Challenge game Saturday night at Strickland Park. It was a lot of fun watching the political candidates hit that ball and run those bases!

A special thanks to Board member Toni Collins for organizing the event, and to Chiefland Athletic Association President, Wayne Weatherford, for providing the audience with a blow-by-blow commentary on the action. We also want to thank Ms. Winnelle Horne, Miss Sarah Gore, the members of the Chiefland Athletic Association, Levy County EMS, Winn Dixie Supermarkets, Sav-A-Lot, and Pepsi of Jacksonville.

The political candidates were good sports and provided the audience with a lot of laughs as they struck out and dropped pop fly balls. After the game, several players wondered what they were going to feel like the next day.

Again, thanks for your support. And by the way, the final score was LARC 6, political candidates 4.

Betty S. Walker

Executive Director