Thanks to all

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 To the editor:

Last week I had a fall in the front of our property.

I tried my best to crawl to the mailbox post for leverage, only to knock it over.

My legs, hands and arms were peppered with red ants. They showed no mercy.

A young lady came with her child from the park. Thank you.

Then another young lady came. (I think she said her name was Crystal Craig. I’m not sure but her husband is a fireman and lives on NW 7th.)Thank you. You were a real pro.

To the Fire Rescue, the EMTs (I don’t know who called), I could not stand, was sick and dizzy. 

What a well trained group we have, a blessing.

The final outcome was bruises, swelling, dehydration and a shot for the toxic ants. Rest–rest–rest.

Thank you all for your caring. May the dear Lord bless and keep you in good health.

Shirley Moxley