Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
Aug. 22, Lafaye Nicole Adkins, 28, Williston, trespassing fail to leave property upon order by owner. Bond $500.
Aug. 24, Jeremy Mason Arrington, 31, Chiefland, VOP.
Aug. 25, Bryan Keith Baker, 47, Williston, VOP.
Aug. 27, Beverly Sue Bellomy, 44, Williston, four out of county warrants, obstruction W/OV. Bond $19,500.
Aug. 22, Ronald Blakesee, 24, Clearwater, fleeing with disregard of safety to persons or property, speeding, DWLSR, operating motor vehicle with no DL. Bond $95,000.
Aug. 26, Ehren Michael Brown, 33, Williston, out of county warrant. Bond $500.
Aug. 26, Isreal Lee Bown, 29, Williston, VOP.
Aug. 23, Gregory James DeMasters, 54, Chiefland, display cause permit display alter DL. Bond $500.
Aug. 22, James Scott Durden, 40, Archer, possession of weapon or ammo by convicted felon. Bond $10,000.
Aug. 26, John Richard Durden, 20, Cedar Key, criminal attempt conspire, possession of burglary tools, DWLSR. Bond $80,000.
Aug. 24, Lutrell Evans, 59, Reddick, grand theft. Bond $20,000.
Aug. 23, Richard Daniel Gerald, 43, Chiefland, out of county warrant.
Aug. 23, Robert Wayne Geurin, 31, Bronson, dealing in stolen property, petit theft. Bond $25,000.
Aug. 28, Anthony Floyd Grill, 55, Bronson, deadly weapon without intent to kill. Bond $40,000.
Aug. 26, Todd Clifford Hamp, 40, Cedar Key, DUI, refusal to submit to DUI after license suspended. Bond $3,000.
Aug. 26, Antonio Hernandez, 26, Fanning Springs, operate motor vehicle without valid DL. Bond $500.
Aug. 26, Carl Stephen Hunter, 24, Ocala, dealing in stolen property. Bond $30,000.
Aug. 23, Shirley Rebecca King, 59, Chiefland, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
Aug. 25, James Lee Lamb, 22, three counts FTA. Bond $11,000.
Aug. 27, Angelo Valentino Leto, 45, Morriston, DWLSR habitual. Bond $2,000.
Aug. 22, Garrett Anthony McCain, 27, Cedar Key, VOP.
Aug. 26, Jordan Scott Mercer, 20, Williston, VOP.
Aug. 24, Lazares Mitchem, 20, Gainesville, out of county warrant. Bond $15,000.
Aug. 27, Alejandro Mora, 21, Morriston, battery touch or strike. Bond $1,000.
Aug. 22, Maria Del Rosario Morales, 23, Ruskin, operate motor vehicle W/O valid DL.
Aug. 22, Gonzalo Wilyvaldo Najera, 28, Gainesville, DWLSR. Bond $500.
Aug. 27, Jesus Ochoa-Delacruz, 28, Fanning Springs. operate motor vehicle without valid DL. Bond $500.
Aug. 29, Noelle Ashley Price, 28, Williston, battery touch or strike. Bond $500.
Aug. 23, Brian Keith Rackley, 40, Dunnellon, VOP.
Aug. 22, Mary Leroy Richardson, 25, Old Town, two counts FTA. Bond $5,000.
Aug. 23, Shawn Aaron Richey, 22, Bronson, FTA.
Aug. 24, John Edgar Rigby, 65, MacClenny, possession of photographs of sexual performance by a child, misrepresenting age  using computer to lure or seduce. Bond $200,000.
Aug. 25, Isidro Rivera, 28, Ocala, grand theft. Bond $15,000.
Aug. 26, Carolia Yvonne Robinson, two counts VOP.
Aug. 26, Rusbin Rosaldin Salazar, 24, Chiefland, Silver Springs, battery touch or strike, possession of cocaine, drug equipment possession. Bond $8,000.
Aug. 23, Debora Ann Marie Sears, 56, Williston, battery touch or strike.
Aug. 26, William Timothy Sills, six counts VOP.
Aug. 25, Denise Stefanik, 41, Chiefland, grand theft of motor vehicle. Bond $15,000.
Aug. 25, Franklin Adrian Tennant, 61, Bronson, DUI. Bond $2,000.
Aug. 22, Joseph Lawrence Williams, 29, three counts VOP. Bond $30,500.
Aug. 23, Charles Andrew Williamson, 48, two counts FTA. Bond $10,000.