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By The Staff

Hello and welcome to Your Sheriff?s Corner. In recent years, Law Enforcement has seen an emphasis placed on domestic violence awareness.

There is good reason for this emphasis. It is a fact that many victims do not even report domestic violence incidents. There are many reasons for their silence.

Two main reasons are that they one, fear the abuser, and two, are unaware of the community resources in place to help them.

Victims are so impacted by the violence that they feel their situation is hopeless and beyond escape, but one of the aims of domestic violence awareness is to inform people that hope is out there and help is available for victims of domestic violence abuse.

The definition of ?domestic violence? is abuse of a spouse, former spouse, persons related by blood or marriage, persons living together as in a family, and those who have a child together whether married or living together.

There are many people who still believe in the myth that only a man is capable of being abusive and only females are victims, but the truth is that anyone can be the victim of abuse, regardless of gender or walk of life.

Many abusers grew up in an abusive home and blame others for their behavior. They also exhibit jealous behaviors and have low self-esteem. The abuser will often have legal problems, fines, or prior jail convictions for domestic violence crimes.

The victim of domestic violence may experience depression, low self-esteem, helplessness, and a sense of worthlessness.

They often blame themselves for the violence and believe that no one can help them get out of the violent relationship.

A lot of times, domestic violence goes unreported by victims because they don?t realize that they?re in a dangerous situation.

Following are a few domestic violence prevention tips that you should be aware of.

Domestic Violence Prevention Tips:

Watch for personality changes such as aggressiveness, violence, moodiness or accusing behavior.

Develop a plan of action and instruct your children about the plan.

Locate a safe house such as the home of a trusted friend, trusted neighbor, or family member.

Locate a safe shelter that is suitable to your needs and accepts children if necessary.

Seek counseling assistance.

Victims are often ashamed to let anyone know about their violent partner.

They will not tell friends, relatives, neighbors, or the Sheriff?s Office.

They hope in vain that the violence won?t happen to them again, but hope does not stop the violence.

Take a stand. If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, contact Law Enforcement or your local Spouse Abuse Center.

Below are the contact numbers for the Domestic Violence Victim Advocates:

Levy County Sheriff?s Office Victim Advocate 352-486-5111

Another Way 352-493-6743

State Attorney Victim Services


Meridian Behavioral Healthcare


U.S. Attorney victim/witness services