Sex offender arrested; more charges pending

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A Williston man who failed to meet conditions for his release was arrested May 5 and now an investigation continues about why he may not have met those obligations.


Christopher L. Caffie, 24, of 3731 NE 217 Court, Williston, was charged for failure to comply with Sex Offender registration requirements.

Caffie was convicted of a felony sexual offense in 2012 and is required to register with the Sheriff’s Office two times a year.

He is also required to provide information such as vehicle registration information, employment information and Internet identifiers.

Investigators just recently discovered Caffie created a Facebook profile page using a fictitious identification in December 2015. Caffie never reported having this Facebook profile. Caffie also failed to report his employer information.

Investigators captured digitally altered images posted by Caffie on his Facebook page depicting him holding various firearms and other gun photographs.

As a convicted felon, the investigation is ongoing to determine if Caffie still has possession of these weapons.

Additional charges could be filed.