A Season Remembered

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Basketball players honored at banquet

By Steve Jarboe

In most cases when one hears the words “Basketball Awards Banquet”, one usually thinks that awards are going to be passed out for the individuals who have scored the most points, had the highest point totals or scored some large number of points in a game. 


But, Williston Red Devil Head Coach Steve Faulkner said at this year’s banquet, he doesn’t give awards for points.

“I don’t give awards for individual points, as that takes away from the team concept we have here at Williston,” Faulkner said to the crowded school cafeteria May 5. 

And to follow this up, Faulkner proceeded to hand out special awards for the following areas that contribute to team effort.

Faulkner again recognized the nine seniors who will be leaving this spring following graduation. 

For best Free Throw Percentage: Paul King and Jacques Edwards (Tie)

For the team, leader in Assist :  James Monroe

Taking the most charges for his team: Deterion Ross

Most steals :  Deterion Ross

Best team Field goal percentage: Orvil Stone

Most team rebounds: Tre Wilson

Most blocked shots: James Hunt

Most coach able player: Fabian Samules

Highest team GPA in the classroom: Fabian Samules 3.59

Three of the seniors were called up front as a group as the banquet continued. James Hunt, Jacques Edwards, and Paul King were all three 4 year varsity players, and played a pivotal part in the Red Devils winning 4 straight District Championships. “This in itself, is a tremendous accomplishment for any school, and I am proud to be a part of the last two,” Faulkner said.

It is true the Red Devil basketball team is loosing all but 2 players to graduation, but also attending the Awards Banquet was a Junior Varsity team that posted a 14-4 season record and moved several players up to the varsity team when their season ended. 

Besides varsity starters junior Deterion Ross, and Sophomore Tre Wilson, the Red Devils will have a strong group of players vying to move up to see varsity team action next season. 

Damien Strange, Brandon Preston, Li Darren Sams, Dimarkis Robinson, Edward Hines, Michael Hall, David Heinkel, Earl Brown, Alex Porter, Fred Burns, Akeem Johnson, and Tyus Williams. All these players will be hoping to join Ross and Wilson on the Varsity team next season. 

All varsity players received a plaque with an engraved team picture, a certificate of participation, a DVD and a T-shirt. The T-shirts kept in line with the team concept as the  inscription on the back read, (4 Straight District Championships and Counting.)

The Awards Banquet meal featured BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken with all the trimmings.